"Chat n' Chew" Irbid Session
Addressing Youth Challenges in the Refugee Community


Addressing Youth Challenges in the Refugee Community: Insights from the Latest "Chat n' Chew" Session


Our recent “Chat n' Chew” meeting, held last Friday, May 3rd, was a vibrant forum of inspiring dialogues and discussions centered on the experiences and challenges faced by the youth in the refugee community. This gathering marked the commencement of our signature petition drive, where participants shared their perspectives and highlighted key issues. The discussions brought to light several critical challenges, including those related to education, employment, and legal policies.


Education Challenges

One of the most pressing issues discussed was the difficulty refugees face in accessing education due to high financial costs. The dialogue revealed a widespread concern about the significant financial barriers that hinder many young refugees from pursuing their educational aspirations. This challenge underscores the urgent need for targeted support and resources to ensure that all young refugees can access quality education.


Employment Challenges

Participants also emphasized the formidable obstacles in securing employment opportunities, often exacerbated by the risk of exploitation. The discussion shed light on the need for more robust work-related policies and heightened awareness to alleviate the additional burdens placed on the youth of the refugee community. Ensuring fair and accessible job opportunities is crucial for the economic stability and empowerment of young refugees.


Legal and Policy Challenges

The meeting also addressed the complex legal and policy challenges refugees face, particularly regarding travel restrictions and settlement issues. These restrictions not only hinder the mobility of refugees but also limit their opportunities for stable and productive lives. Participants exchanged ideas on improving the legal framework to provide necessary support and streamline procedures, making it easier for refugees to navigate their circumstances.


Recommendations and Wishes

The participants at the “Chat n' Chew” program put forward several actionable recommendations to address these challenges:

  • Education Access: Expanding fields and specializations available to refugees in universities, along with offering scholarships both within and outside Jordan.
  • Professional Opportunities: Reducing costs and increasing facilities for refugees to practice professions, particularly in medical and scientific fields, and providing training courses and scholarships.
  • Legal Procedures: Simplifying asylum-related legal procedures and facilitating opportunities for travel and return without severing family ties.
  • Employment Awareness: Promoting awareness of job opportunities and ensuring equal access to free training and education for young refugees.


Join the Movement for Change

If you believe in making this vision a reality, your support is crucial. We urge you to add your signature to our petition and join us in advocating for effective and positive changes in refugee policies and legislation in Jordan. Visit the link to relate to some of the topics discussed during the session. 

Together, we can address these challenges and create a more supportive and equitable environment for the youth of the refugee community. Your voice and support can make a significant difference.