Pérez Azaústre

Joaquín Pérez Azaústre

Writer and cultural manager

Short vita

Joaquín Pérez Azaústre (Córdoba, 1976) has a degree in Law, is a writer and cultural manager. A contributor to media such as El Mundo and Diario Córdoba, he is the director and scriptwriter of the podcast No eran molinos. Clásicos de Literatura Española on RTVE. His collections of poems have won the Adonáis, Loewe and Jaime Gil de Biedma awards. He has published novels such as Los nadadores (Anagrama, 2012, translated into several languages), Atocha 55 (Almuzara, 2020) and La larga noche (Almuzara, 2022, Jaén Novel Prize), about Manolete's last dawn. His next novel will be El querido hermano (Malaga Prize, to be published by Galaxia Gutenberg in 2023), about Manuel and Antonio Machado.