Jerusalem Office
Request for Proposal: Photography and Video Editing

Send in proposals untill February 28th, 2022

Brief Project Overview:

The Jerusalem office of Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF Jerusalem) needs a service provider that can both deliver quality photographs as well as video clips to further promote the activities of FNF in Israel and the Palestinian Territories.

Who we are

With a unique Israeli-Palestinian team FNF Jerusalem aims to be a platform of innovation for enhancing freedom in society, strengthening dialogue with the EU and contribute to the advancement of Israeli-Palestinian dialogue leading towards peace. Together with our partners, we want to strengthen liberal values like the rule of law and democracy, the respect of human dignity with civil and human rights, market economy principles and entrepreneurship and a democratic culture of tolerance and pluralism.

Project Goals and Target Audience

In order to improve the documentation and the promotion of our own and partner activities we need a service provider to deliver on the demand photographs and video clips of events and other activities.

Scope of Work and Deliverables

We need one or two service providers that can travel on the demand to events in the Palestinian Territories and in Israel and provide FNF on a case to case basis with photographs or/and short video clips for the documentation and promotion of the different activities FNF and their partners are involved in.

Criteria for Selection, Timeline and Budget

We expect you to send a proposal including price offers with a per-event rate for photographs and videos (incl. editing/cutting: price for final product of photographs/video clips). 

Deadline for submission is February 28th, 2022

Please send to Joanna Kamel at

Please also send us your relevant credentials to provide these services. We will then select according to the criteria of the ability and quality to provide such services and price. In case you only propose prices for photography/videos in Israel OR the Palestinian Territories please mention in the proposal.