Jerusalem Office
Request for Proposal: Organization of Activities for "Israel’s Liberal Voice"

Send in proposals until February 13th, 2022

Brief Project Overview:

The Jerusalem office of Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF Jerusalem) is looking for a service provider delivering the services of strategic planning, content and event production, marketing and branding and community building and management for its network “Israel’s Liberal Voice” (ILV). The service provider’s needs to promote the network to bigger audience by creating a landing page, producing a video series and a podcast series, organizing and moderating discussions for the existing network, the same as events for a group of young applicants and a weekend seminar. 

Who we are

With a unique Israeli-Palestinian team FNF Jerusalem aims to be a platform of innovation for enhancing freedom in society, strengthening dialogue with the EU and contribute to the advancement of Israeli-Palestinian dialogue leading towards peace. Together with our partners, we want to strengthen liberal values like the rule of law and democracy, the respect of human dignity with civil and human rights, market economy principles and entrepreneurship and a democratic culture of tolerance and pluralism.

Project Goals and Target Audience

Having started as an Alumni Network of FNF in 2021, ILV in 2022 aims to grow into a nonpartisan platform for liberals from different affiliations debating liberal values and contemporary political developments in Israel. For this purpose, debates on liberal values and policies should reach wider audiences through the production of video clips, podcasts and an attractive website. Public discussions on contemporary developments through a liberal values lens should bring together the existing network, and a new “Debating Liberalism” program should bring new young applicants into the network. A Weekend seminar should bring together all the above, plus Israeli partners of FNF.

Scope of Work and Deliverables

We need a service provider that can design, coordinate, produce and moderate five public discussion evenings on important political issues debated through the liberal values lens, five sessions of a new “Debating Liberalism” program bringing together young applicants, plan, coordinate and organize one weekend seminar (80 participants) bringing together all the above in the last Quarter of 2022. Additionally the service provider need to produce and promote 4 videos on debates around liberal values, a podcast series with 10 episodes debating liberal values and creating a new website to further promote and grow ILV and its liberal value debates. The activities should be attended by 180 unique participants in the year 2022. The service should include the reporting on the events as well as marketing and community building for the network during the year.   


Criteria for Selection, Timeline and Budget

We expect you to send a proposal including price offers for the design and coordination named activities, specifying the price of each specific activity format mentioned above.

Deadline for submission is February 13th, 2022

Please send to Joanna Kamel at

Please also send us your relevant credentials to provide these services. We will then select according to the criteria of the ability and quality to provide such services and price.