Liberal Seminar
‘Local Politics and Citizen's Participation’

‘Local Politics and Citizen's Participation’
Moran Israel together with the Director of the IAF, Bettina Solinger © Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom

Moran Israel, founder & chairman of "Ze Mekomi" national party (meaning in Hebrew: It's my place), ran for the City Mayor position of Holon municipality (1 of the 10th biggest cities in Israel) and a City Councilman of Holon municipality (chair of the 2nd biggest local party), is sharing his experience about his seminar participation (‘Local Politics and Citizen's Participation’) at our FNF - International Academy for Leadership (IAF) in Gummersbach, Germany:

"So what did we have? Participants from 20 different countries - City Mayors, MPs and members of civil society organizations | discussions from the morning into the night in 4 languages ​​and a simultaneous translation by wonderful translators | inspiring excursions at The Local Government Center in Germany and at The State Parliament of North Rhine Westphalia | talks with City Mayors and Councilors in Münster and Monheim | and most of all, an extraordinary and one time brainstorming with an amazing group of people.

Many thanks to the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for leading the International Leadership Academy who invited me to attend such a seminar. Thank you for the professionalism, for your ability to connect so many good people together and for the important discourse you lead.

In the spirit of the beginning of the school year, we must remember that we always have something to learn and it's never late".

‘Local Politics and Citizen's Participation’
© Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom