Informationen für Promovierende aus EU-Ländern

Information for doctoral students from EU countries

We support doctorates at state or state-recognized universities in Germany.

The scholarships for the doctorate are initially granted for one year. Upon request, we will extend the funding for another year. As a rule, we support your doctorate for three years. Funding beyond three years is only possible for up to one year in exceptional cases such as illness or childcare.

We offer workshops, training courses and seminars on current scientific and competence-oriented areas such as academic writing, presenting academic results, career planning or project management through our extensive non-material support. In addition, we grant subsidies for stays abroad for research, field and archive work as well as conference participation.

We accompany our doctoral students throughout their doctoral studies and support you both academically through our liaison lecturers and personally through our employees.

The scholarships are awarded with funds of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and are awarded according to its guidelines.

  • Zusätzliche Nebenbestimmungen zur Förderung begabter Studierender sowie begabter Nachwuchswissenschaftlerinnen und -wissenschaftler