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FNF Logo South Asia


The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF) is an international non-profit organization promoting the ideas of liberal democracy, respect for human rights, good governance, economic freedom, and digital transformation.

The Regional Office of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, South Asia in collaboration with the Centre for Public Policy Research (CPPR), is hosting a half-day event to address the role of South Asian countries in securing energy and interplay with European countries. The event aims to address:

  • Unseen consequences on South Asian economies
  • Recent initiatives of South Asian countries to secure energy supply
  • Prospects for cooperation and partnerships with Europe in the next 5 years

In conjunction with the event, we aim to produce audio-visual content addressing the above objectives.

Scope of work:

The cinematographer will be responsible for the following deliverables:

  • Conducting 10 interviews with key speakers. It includes closely working with FNF Communication Manager, recording the audio-video, developing an intro theme, and editing and finalizing the final video product of 20-mins each.
  • Create two short 30 sec reels during both the events for social media
  • Create event glimpses video of fewer than 5 mins
  • Editing raw footage of a one-panel discussion for the FNF YouTube channel


  • Drawing storyboards and envisioning the structure/components of a video
  • Shooting and editing video interviews of the stakeholders
  • End-to-end production of the video and photo highlights of the events.
  • Strong photography and videography skills
  • Relevant work experience of at least 3 years in the field
  • Relevant education.

Time period:

The cinematographer will be engaged from 15th November - 30th December 2022.

How to apply:

Please send your quotations Only selected people will be contacted.