Call for Applications
Terms of Reference for Communication Workshop



The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF) is dedicated to promoting liberal values, human rights, and democratic principles. As part of our commitment to improving the communication skills of our partner organizations, we seek proposals from qualified individuals or firms to conduct a Communication Workshop for their Communication Officers.


This one day workshop aims to empower FNF's partner organizations by enhancing their communication capabilities in key areas:

1. Effective Communication Strategy:

   - Understanding core principles of effective communication.

   - Crafting communication strategies aligned with organizational goals.

   - Providing practical tactics for successful content marketing.

2. Content Strategy:

   - Creating engaging and relevant content.

   - Customizing content for various communication channels.

3. Social Media Management:

   - Efficiently managing social media platforms.

   - Optimizing social media for broader outreach.

4. Stakeholder Engagement:

   - Identifying and engaging relevant stakeholders.

   - Establishing and nurturing relationships with key stakeholders.

5. Media Reporting:

   - Crafting comprehensive media reports post-events.

   - Demonstrating the impact and outcomes of activities through media coverage.


Interested individuals or firms are invited to submit detailed proposals, including:

1. Workshop Outline: Detailed workshop structure, topics, methodologies, and interactive elements.

2. Pre-Workshop Assessment: Understanding participants' specific needs and knowledge levels.

3. Methodology: Approach and strategies to achieve workshop objectives.

4. Post-Workshop Report: Summarizing participant feedback and suggestions for future training sessions.

5. Experience: Highlighting relevant experience in similar workshops, particularly in non-profit contexts.

Submission Deadline:

Quotations/Proposals should reach by December 10, 2023.

Selection Criteria:

The workshop facilitator will be selected based on:

• Demonstrated experience in conducting similar workshops.

• Relevance of proposed methodology and content.

• Competitive budget proposal.

• Alignment with FNF's values and objectives.