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The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF) is an international non-profit organization promoting the ideas of liberal democracy, respect for human rights, good governance, economic freedom, and digital transformation.

The Regional Office of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, South Asia in New Delhi is looking for a printing house or a firm from 01st January 2024 till 31st December 2026.

FNF South Asia would like to enter into a long-term agreement with a qualified Printing House, to support printing all types of visibility materials. This entails the delivery of ordered printing materials.

The framework contracts will be concluded for 3 years with one or multiple contractors, subject to renewal i.e., on 31st December each year. The number of orders may fluctuate over time in response to the needs of the organization.


  • Printing of office-related supplies with FNF-approved corporate designs on each item (Download Annexure TOR*):
    • Ordinary pens
    • High-quality pens
    • Notebook
    • Visiting cards
    • Envelops
    • Address stickers
    • Folders
    • Posters
    • Certificates
    • Brochures
    • ID cards
    • Assorted Mugs
    • Assorted Tote bags
    • Publications
    • Assorted Banners
    • Assorted Standees

*The list is non-exhaustive

  • Printing for internal communication supplies of varying sizes, quality, and quantities such as farewell cards, get well soon cards, birthday cards, etc.


The contractual obligation will be considered upon the following compliance.

  • The printer may carry out printing orders only after FNF South Asia has received a sample of the printed work and has approved it.
  • The printer will be responsible for effectively and efficiently managing the printing, binding, and delivery of requested materials, ensuring the quality of the print version approved.
  • The printer will be responsible for ensuring quality and deadlines related to the print component of the project are met.

Printers working with or having experience with international or German organizations will be preferred. The preferred products should be produced locally.

Kindly fill out the annexure and submit it with the proposal.

Please send us your proposals latest by 30th November 2023 at india@freiheit.org

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom reserves the right to freely assign work to be done by various vendors. The chosen individual or firm is not entitled to any minimum number of work being assigned. Only selected candidates will be contacted.