Call for Papers
Indian Perspective on the Reconstruction and Rebuilding of Ukraine



The conflict in Ukraine has persisted for over two years, resulting in widespread devastation across various facets of Ukrainian society.  The United Nations estimated $100 billion worth of infrastructure damage, while the World Bank has projected the cost of rebuilding Ukraine to be more than $411 billion. In this context, this paper seeks to explore India's perspective on the reconstruction and rebuilding of Ukraine offering a nuanced understanding of its viewpoint, priorities, and potential contributions.

The analytical paper aims to delve into various dimensions of India's perspective on the reconstruction and rebuilding of Ukraine, encompassing different facets such as political support, economic partnerships, energy security, and geopolitical considerations. Additionally, it will examine India's diplomatic endeavors in various international forums concerning Ukraine reconstruction efforts.

Key themes to explore

Bilateral Engagements: Evaluating existing bilateral relations and identifying areas of cooperation, and exploring avenues for collaboration (such as potential investment opportunities, trade collaborations, economic assistance, educational partnerships, and other) in reconstruction endeavors.

Strategic Interests: Analyzing India's strategic interests in Ukraine, particularly in the realms of energy security, trade, and geopolitical stability, and assessing their influence on reconstruction efforts.

Diplomatic Endeavors: Examining India's diplomatic engagements in international forums concerning Ukrainian reconstruction, assessing its role, contributions, and diplomatic strategies.


  • Relevant work/educational experience of at least 5 years in the field of International Relations,  Post-conflict recovery, Economy and Trade, Geopolitics, Foreign Policy and other related fields
  • Knowledge of the India-Ukraine relations and current political landscape in India and Ukriane
  • Experience in primary and secondary research projects independently
  • Demonstrated proficiency in high-quality succinct error-free writing in English
  • Ability to articulate research content to varying audiences in English
  • Ability to communicate ideas in a clear and concise manner and adapt messages to different interlocutors, including government partners, policy influencers, team members, researchers, partner organisations and donors

Prescribed style

  • The paper will be within the range of 2500-3000 words. Submissions should adhere to academic standards, incorporating relevant citations, empirical evidence, and analytical rigor.
  • FNF will provide the authors with a template for the policy paper to follow
  • FNF follows in-text citation and Harvard Referencing Style
  • Use footnote whenever relevant. Do not hyperlink
  • FNF will pay 950 Euros as an honorarium for the paper

How to apply

Scholars, career diplomats, and academicians are encouraged to submit their 300-word abstracts and their CV to by 10 April 2024.  Only shortlisted authors will be contacted.