Delegations : Tailor-made study tours

The visitor and information programmes offer politicians and civil society representatives from different countries a forum to exchange ideas and experiences in Germany and Europe. Current and future decision-makers from the foundation’s project regions take part in a one-week programme, where they become acquainted with German members of government, political parties, associations and think tanks.

The aim of the field trips is to offer our partners a platform for dialogue on their topics of interest. These include “local government politics”, “human rights policy”, “liberal economic policy”, “market economy reform”, to mention but a few. Furthermore, the visitor programmes foster intensive dialogue among the partners themselves. Thus our guests are given the opportunity to get in contact not only with their German and European counterparts but also with colleagues from their own region.

Another positive outcome of these field trips is the setting up of regional networks promoting liberal ideas and practices in politics and society. Moreover, there is a transfer of knowledge and liberal solutions from Germany to our participants’ home countries and vice versa.