#5 Talking about Deconstructing Populism

#5 Talking about Deconstructing Populism

Populists seem to be on the rise around the world and their opponents from different political camps seem to have difficulties to find the right antidote to fight that new (?) political force. Some place their bet on facts to fight lies, others on copying some of the populist features or trying to tackle what is perceived as the underlying causes that play into the hands of populists. But what is populism and why is it so dangerous for liberal open societies? What do populists have in common and how to deconstruct populism?

In this episode of IAF TALK we're meeting Sven Gerst, Secretary General of IFLRY (International Federation of Liberal Youth) and Political Philosophy PhD Student at King's College London, and Radu Magdin, Global Analyst, Consultant and Trainer, who facilitated our international seminar on the topic.

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