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23 - Women's Rights

IAF - 23

Women's Rights

  • Over centuries, freedom was – if it existed at all– mostly a privilege for (some) men. Liberal women from the enlightenment on have been paving the way for a society, where human rights were also the rights of women.
  • While many countries today guarantee equal rights, the liberation of women is still an issue. Nowhere discrimination is completely abolished. And in many countries women’s rights are still brutally suppressed.
  • Liberals should not leave the discourse on women`s rights to the politically correct left, that often appears to be quite indifferent when discrimination does take place outside Western societies – as for example in Iran -, or misuse the feminist agenda to pursue non-liberal goals, such as quotas and “positive” discrimination.
IAF - Women's Rights Gift Idea

At this moment women in Iran are risking their lives and their freedom by demonstrating against a fanatical islamist regime. Declare your solidarity with a proper T-shirt “Women-Life-Freedom”! For yourself and as a Christmas present for all your friends.

Dr. Detmar Doering