Countdown to Christmas
1st Advent: Liberty

IAF - Liberty
  • The term liberty is similar to the term freedom. But while freedom is more the personal ability to act without restrictions, liberty is a political term and means legally guaranteed freedoms.
  • Therefore it comes as no surprise that freedoms in a society are only guaranteed, where basic liberties, such as freedom of speech or freedom to own property, are effectively secured by constitutional mechanisms (e.g. checks and balances, bill of rights etc.).

Gift Idea

IAF - Liberty Gift Idea

The best possible way to celebrate Christmas for everyone is to buy this glass ornament und hang it into the Christmas tree. Because, as we know, nothing touches the heart more like such a sight in the candlelight. This festive and Christmassy Statue of Liberty can only trigger liberal sentiments in the hearts of all family members – even those who have so far indulged in liberticidal statist ideas. This ornament can make the world a better place. And for those, who think that this is too American: The designer of the original Statue of Liberty in NY was a Frenchman.

Dr. Detmar Doering