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18 - Individualism

IAF - 18
  • Liberal thinking stands on the foundation of both methodological and normative individualism. The fundamental unit of its analyses as well as of its moral claims is the individual. It is thus about the actions and interests, but above all about freedom and responsibility of individuals.
  • The most important – and most likely the only - goal of liberal politics is to protect the freedom and decision-making space of every individual. Liberals strictly reject using coercive means to interfere with the freedom of individuals in the name of so-called collective or higher interests. On the contrary, politics should create the framework for people to realize their individual wishes, ideas and preferences.
  • Individualism is not opposed to collective action, but it must be based on the voluntary agreement of free people, not on state coercion.
IAF - Individualism Gift Idea

People are different. A free society gives them the opportunity to express this diversity and live accordingly. This includes acting differently than many others, differently than the majority. To use this possibility, a little courage is often necessary, because in every social environment there is a certain amount of pressure to conform. The call on this T-shirt is individualistic and liberal at the same time.

Sascha Tamm