Female Forward
Female Forward - Three Outstanding Women Sharing Their Experience

Female Forward video featuring three outstanding women sharing their experience

We are honored to present to you the voices of three outstanding women from our FNF Alumni network. Former Minister of Health Yael German, Arab entrepreneur Bissan Salman & and journalist Nitzan Senior Shneor. The three women share their experience and advice with young female leaders on how to best pursue their goals and how to succeed despite the many hurdles along the way.

Reading the years 2020 and 2021, we all witness in what a technologically advanced era we live. We have seen vaccines developed at record speed in a so far unknown world-wide cooperation of scientists against a novel virus. Meanwhile, society progresses at a much slower pace in other areas. We still face a situation, in which women are underrepresented in executive positions, receive lower wages than their male colleagues, have to face gender based discrimination and sexual violence. In many countries, women are not entitled property rights and are denied basic equality.

It’s not only women who are losing, in the end society as a whole is being deprived of an important voice, perspective and leadership style of half of its members. Fortunately, we can witness growing public awareness regarding gender inequality, often induced by courageous women making their voices heard, determined to break the existing glass ceiling. This is also the case in our MENA region, where women are often front-runners in pressing for social and political change.

With our FemaleForward Campaign we highlight women in leadership, who are change agents and inspire, as role models, future generations to believe in their aspirations and continue to dream big and aim high.