Welcome abroad, Frowine Meinel

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation Greece and Cyprus welcomes their new intern!
Frowine Meinel
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About me

My name is Frowine Meinel and I come from Erfurt in Germany. I am in my third semester of studying International Relations and Law. The internship at the Friedrich Naumann Foundation in Athens is the first time that I will be living and working abroad for a longer period of time. I am very happy that I can take advantage of this opportunity and I am excited about everything new that I will learn and experience while I am here.

What do you hope to achieve at FNF Internship?

During my internship, I would like to experience how the work of a political foundation functions, what the processes are like, what problems there might be and what needs to be taken care of. I think that this internship can provide me with valuable insights into the social, economic and political issues in Greece and Cyprus as well as the wider region and how liberal policies and ideas can address these challenges. Also Athens is a vibrant and historic city with a rich cultural heritage, providing an excellent opportunity for me to experience a new culture and to broaden my horizon.

What is liberalism to you?

Liberalism places a high value on individual freedom and liberty as an essential for human flourishing.I think only when you are completely free do you have the opportunity to develop, make choices and question things critically. That's what liberalism is about for me: independence, intellectual curiosity and critical thinking.