Rekindling Connections: FNF Greece Alumni Event Chronicles a Legacy

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As we bid farewell to 2023, our organization marked the year's end with an extraordinary closed event that transcended time – the "Generation of the 90s" Alumni Meeting. A poignant reunion, this gathering welcomed stipend holders and cherished associates from the dynamic epochs of the 70s, 80s and 90s, culminating in an evening filled with reminiscence and rekindled connections.

Crafted under the insightful guidance of Dr. Ronald Meinardus, former director of the Athens office, the event stirred heartfelt discussions among participants. The agenda led us through the corridors of nostalgia, revisiting the transformative experiences and invaluable resources that FNF Greece provided in the early years of their academic journey. From educational programs to eye-opening travels to Germany, attendees shared anecdotes of how they first grasped the profound meaning of liberalism and, in turn, expanded their horizons.

What made this event truly special was the informal networking sessions, offering a platform for these accomplished individuals to reconnect and share insights. Remarkably, for some, the event marked a long-awaited introduction, breaking down temporal barriers that had prevented meetings due to different years of collaboration. Even those who had not crossed paths physically acknowledged familiarity through the robust Greek network.

The overwhelming sentiment was one of gratitude and joy for being considered and invited, showcasing a deep appreciation for the initiative to revive these connections. Beyond the personal reunions, participants were eager to engage with the Foundation's new strategy, demonstrating a keen interest in the organization's evolving vision and commitments.

© Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom Greece & Cyprus

Reviving a Legacy

Greece, in earlier years, stood as a hub for FNF's international scholarship program, benefiting countless individuals. However, over time, the lack of follow-up activities for this crucial cohort became apparent. In response, our organization, with the valuable support of Dr. Ronald Meinardus, proposed to breathe new life into these connections.

In essence, the "Generation of the 90s" Alumni Meeting wasn't just an event; it was a celebration of shared history and a commitment to reviving the bonds that make FNF Greece a unique and influential force.

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