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Reshape Europe: a global campaign
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Europe is currently grappling with a range of significant challenges, including the aggressive war of Russia against Ukraine, energy crisis, inflation, loss of trust to institutions. These crises have profound impacts on people’s lives and the liberal principles upon which our society is built. Domestically, the rise of anti-democratic populism and illiberal trends pose a challenge to the European Union’s identity as a bastion of shared values.

In the contemporary global landscape, characterized by a struggle between authoritarian regimes and liberal democracies, these developments serve as troubling indicators. Europe’s ability to handle these difficulties is not only critical for its own well-being, but also has global implications. It is critical for the EU to demonstrate that free and democratic societies are best able to overcome serious challenges.

Under the «Reshape Europe» campaign, we aimed to launch a global discourse about how Europe might strengthen its resilience in the face of global threats to freedom. This demands decisive efforts to strengthen the European Union both within and outside. Questions arise about how to strengthen European defense capabilities in order to position the EU as a major actor in global security policy. Additionally, efforts must be made to fortify the EU’s economic prowess and reduce dependence on authoritarian regimes for essential resources and energy.

As advocates of liberal ideals, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom is dedicated to defending the European model of free and democratic societies in the face of authoritarian threats. It is critical for the democratic model to regain popularity both within and beyond the EU. The values of liberal democracy are currently under danger, and the EU, as a symbol of peace, prosperity, and the rule of law, has a special obligation to safeguard and promote the liberal democratic model.

The scholarly work presented at our joint conference with the Center for Liberal Studies, the Centre for Political Research of Panteion University, and the Laboratory of Political and Institutional Theory and History of Ideas of the University of Athens, promises to enrich academic discourse and offer innovative perspectives on navigating the complex challenges confronting liberal democracies today. We are confident that the papers produced will make a significant contribution to the academic community and help shape the path forward for Europe and beyond.

Our motto is clear: Let’s #ReshapeEurope, together!

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