Greek and Turkish Media: Challenges and Opportunities

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In the 50th episode of the Athens Voice's podcast «Sundays of the World» with Nikos S. Panagiotou and Christos A. Frangonikolopoulos, participants and organizers of the visiting program "Encountering the 'Fox News Model': Media Polarisation as a Serious Threat to Liberal Democracies," present how the devastating earthquakes in Turkey changed the media landscape in both countries and they emphasize on the will for further bilateral cooperation and enhancement of the media landscape between Greece and Turkey, in order to establish trust.

Challenges for the Turkish and Greek Media system, the role of Media in Greek-Turkish Relations, prior to the earthquakes as well as whether the media play a role in forwarding Turkish-Greek Relations, were some of the discussed topics.

Aret Demirci Project Advisor Regional Office Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, Regional Office for East and Southeast Europe, Sezin Öney, Journalist and Political Scientist, Columnist at Politik Yol, Eylem Yanardagoglu Associate Professor at Kadir Has University, Prof. Erkan Saka at İstanbul Bilgi University shared with us their perspectives on the topic. 


00:00    Introduction

00:01    Visiting Program in Germany

06:00    Introduction of the participants

08:30    Challenges for Turkish and Greek Media system

18:40    How we can enforce media trust

25:00    New Media and the needed changes

31:00    Turkish perceptions & the earthquakes

31:55    Commenting on visiting program and further bilateral cooperation


The visiting program was an initiative of FNF Greece & Cyprus and FNF Turkey and was organized by International Academy for Leadership (IAF) of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation.

Greek and Turkish Media: Challenges and Opportunities

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