Dream Greece 2033 – Liberal Academy: A Synthesis of Vision and Action for Freedom

© Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom Greece & Cyprus

Dream Greece 2033 – Liberal Academy, a visionary initiative by the Center for Liberal Studies (KEFiM) and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom Greece & Cyprus, unfolded in Athens, uniting young minds around the principles of liberty. This program, spanning the weekends of October 21-22 and November 4-5 & 11-12, was a crucible of ideas, networking, and empowerment at the Impact Hub Athens.

Cultivating Foundations and Forging Networks

The program commenced with Alona Tatarova from FNF Greece and Cyprus and Georgios Archontas of KEFiM, who laid out the program’s objectives and the collaborative ethos of the hosting organizations. Their sessions established the core values and strategic objectives, setting the tone for an immersive learning experience.

Giorgos Angelopoulos, renowned in the Greek creative arts, facilitated a forward-looking discussion, prompting participants to share and refine their visions for the next decade. His engaging approach connected individual aspirations with broader societal goals.

A cultural stroll through Psyrri stimulated a spirited dialogue, anchored by the sensory richness of the historic quarter, about infusing daily life with the spirit of liberty.

Engaging Discourse and Critical Examination

Paschos Mandravelis, a key voice in classical liberal journalism in Greece, provided a critical examination of liberalism in contrast to populism, analyzing the dynamics of political discourse. Loukas Velidakis, a respected journalist with Kathimerini, continued this thread, focusing on the challenges posed by propaganda and misinformation, with contextual references to the war in Ukraine.

Giannis Sarakatsanis, a prominent actor and podcast producer, led an interactive workshop on persuasion, equipping participants with the tools to effectively communicate and advocate for their ideas.

Empowering Professional Growth

The second weekend delved into the practical aspects of professional development. Georgios Archontas returned to discuss maximizing educational outcomes, while Constantinos Saravakos, KEFiM’s research coordinator, presented the postgraduate versus job market quandary, offering insights into strategic career decisions.

Aristides Hatzis, a distinguished academic from the University of Athens, provided mentorship on advancing educational pursuits, guiding participants through the complexities of further studies.

On Sunday, Dimitris Vergados of SEV illuminated the Greek labor market's landscape, with Georgia Panopoulou from Brilliant PR advising on CV enhancement and skill acquisition. Nicos Rompapas from KEFiM conducted a workshop on concrete career planning, helping participants map out their professional pathways.

© Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom Greece & Cyprus

Inspiring Change and Action

The concluding weekend focused on societal change. On Saturday, Ilas Nicolaidis from DiaNEOsis presented the 'What Greeks Believe' survey, spurring discussions on national attitudes and potential shifts. Prodromos Pyrros addressed the possibilities of societal improvement in Greece and the concept of the Overton window. Stella Kasdagli, co-founder of Women on Top, led a workshop on instigating positive change, offering actionable strategies for participants to become catalysts in their communities.

The final day, spearheaded by Georgia Panopoulou, concentrated on immediate career actions, providing practical steps for participants to take. The program wrapped with a collaborative brainstorming session, mapping out future directions for both personal career growth and the educational programs of the two organizations.

Participants left with a strengthened sense of purpose, praising the program for its rich networking avenues, the introduction of novel perspectives, and the emphasis on personal and professional development. They expressed enthusiasm for future involvement and a commitment to extending the reach of liberal ideas.

Dream Greece 2033 – Liberal Academy was more than an educational program; it was the ignition of a passion for liberty that promises to fuel the ambitions of young leaders for years to come. Join us as we continue to champion freedom and foster the leaders of tomorrow!