Change it All through Politics

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Are you young or student and want to make a difference in a rapidly changing society? Are you chasing your dreams and want to achieve them through your career? Do you want to live and create in Greece –as a model of a European state? No need to look around! Change Everything: Dream Greece 2033 is here to equip you with the knowledge, skills and network you need.

Dream Greece 2033 is not a simple educational program. It is the beginning of a journey of evolution and transformation that goes beyond traditional education. A series of meetings, seminars, educational programs were designed to bring CHANGE. Are you interested to learn more?

Empowering young Greeks to engage in politics for social change

On June 29, the Centre for Liberal Studies, under the auspices of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom Greece & Cyprus, unfolded a pivotal event - aiming to mould young Greeks into responsible and proactive leaders, thereby fostering a society that is more free, inclusive, and open.

At this session, engaging young speakers took to the stage, offering a glimpse into their rich experiences within the contemporary Greek political landscape:

Prodromos Pyrros, from the Prime Minister’s Economic Office, sparked a wave of political enthusiasm among attendees as he delved into shifting the Overton Window in social policy with his profound insights.

Irini Kouti, of PASOK's Equality Sector and a seasoned Communication and Strategy Consultant, captivated the audience with her nuanced comprehension of the political arena, focusing on the unique challenges faced by ambitious young Greek women in today's political sphere.

Odysseas Vlachonikolos, the dynamic co-founder of PANKS & NEON Project, brought a breath of fresh air to the discussion with his innovative approaches to political engagement through an independent liberal youth organization.

© Center for Liberal Studies & FNF Greece and Cyprus

The ensuing discussion was electric, with participants eagerly sharing their perspectives, anxieties, and dreams concerning political participation and the changing roles of political groups. This lively discourse not only extended beyond the allocated time but also reignited a passion for political participation, fostering hope for a fortified democratic foundation in our society.

Are you geared up to be a catalyst for change? This initiative sought to redefine existing perceptions of politics, moving beyond power-focused narratives to emphasize the societal, intellectual, and ethical facets that can drive transformative changes. It served as a fertile ground, cultivating a network of youth geared up to step into the political sphere with a refined perspective and a readiness to collaborate for a brighter, more promising future.

Marking the grand finale of the Change it All series, this event paves the way for an enriching educational program coming up in Fall 2023. Coordinated by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, Greece & Cyprus, and the Centre for Liberal Studies, the focus of the forthcoming program is to magnify the collaborative initiatives begun during these events, with an aim to further empower the youth, proliferate liberal thoughts, and bolster our collective strengths.

Stay engaged for more updates on this thrilling path towards a future that promises more freedom, justice, and prosperity for all!

© Center for Liberal Studies & FNF Greece and Cyprus