No tolerance for terror - solidarity with Israel

Brandenburger Tor

Die Israelische Flagge wird am Rande des Festival of Lights als Solidaritätsbekundung auf das Brandenburger Tor projiziert

© picture alliance/dpa | Fabian Sommer

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom condemns in the strongest possible terms the insidious rocket terror and the terrible violence of Hamas and other Palestinian terrorist militias, as well as Hezbollah, which is allied with Iran. There is no justification whatsoever for the targeted murder of civilians and security forces. Our full solidarity and support goes to Israel and its citizens in consistently countering this terror and protecting the civilian population. This support in the fight for the security of Israeli citizens applies without reservation now and in the future. We are serious about Israel's right to exist as a German reason of state.

Together with its partners, Germany must now ensure that all direct or indirect funding of the Islamist Hamas, other Palestinian terrorist organizations and Iranian proxy groups such as Hezbollah is stopped. Sanctions against Iran must be reviewed for effectiveness and against permeability to prevent the mullahs' regime from any funding of the aforementioned terrorist groups. Other state or non-state forms of support and financing of terror groups must be exposed and stopped. The ban on any organization that publicly or financially supports the current killing of civilians in conflicts in Germany must be urgently examined and implemented by the relevant authorities.

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom stands in solidarity with Israel against terror and for peace in the region. All people share the basic right to live in safety, free from the fear of violence! We do not give up hope for a future in which Israelis and Palestinians can live side by side in peace, security and prosperity.

With our mixed Israeli-Palestinian team in a joint office in Jerusalem, the Foundation continues to advocate in Israel and the Palestinian Territories for liberal values such as the rule of law, respect for human dignity and the protection of civil and human rights, market economy and entrepreneurship, and a democratic culture of tolerance and pluralism. In doing so, we support bilateral dialogue on a path to peaceful conflict resolution and the agreed two-state solution, as well as intensive dialogue with the region's neighboring states, which have taken major steps toward peaceful coexistence through the 2020 Abraham Accords.