FNF goes COP28: Advocating Liberal Perspectives to Global Climate Challenges

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As we approach the much-anticipated COP28 in Dubai, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation is thrilled to share its active participation in this year's conference. Through our engagement in the Union for the Mediterranean's 'Mediterranean Coalition,' our Mediterranean Dialogue project from the Madrid office will lead and showcase the Foundation's enduring commitment to human rights, sustainability, and innovative energy solutions.

The COP28, bringing together influential decision-makers and private sector representatives dedicated to the UNFCCC's climate objectives, presents a global platform where FNF will play a pivotal role in contributing liberal perspectives to the discourse on climate change.

In this context, FNF Madrid is set to present its comprehensive report titled "Climate Change and Migration: Understanding Factors, Developing Opportunities in the Sahel Zone, West Africa, and the Maghreb" on December 3rd, from 9:30 to 11:00 CET. This live presentation, featuring two of the report's authors and climate expert Ambassador Grammenos Mastrojeni, Deputy Secretary General for Climate Action and Energy at the UfM, will delve into the complex issue of displacement driven by climatic variations in the region. The session provides a unique opportunity to explore the challenges and opportunities in the Euro-Mediterranean region, accompanied by policy recommendations that comprehensively address the multifaceted aspects of this critical issue.

In addition, the FNF’s Liberal Institute is set to present some of its most impactful projects. On Monday, December 4th, between 11:00 and 12:30 CET, an online event will explore the possibilities, opportunities, and challenges in developing more climate-resilient cities. Beginning with a keynote address by Ukrainian MP Inna Sovsun on the vital importance of building climate-resilient communities, the session will feature the unveiling of a study on climate resilience in tomorrow’s urban areas, commissioned by the Liberal Institute. The findings and overall developments will then be discussed in a moderated panel, inviting questions from the online audience.

Similarly, a noteworthy study on Sustainable Energy Imports, also commissioned by FNF's Liberal Institute, will take center stage on Thursday, December 5th, from 11:00 to 12:30 CET. Following a brief keynote highlighting the crucial role of sustainable energies by the President of Liberal International and UN Climate Champion, Dr. Hakima El Haité, the study's authors will present their comprehensive work and research compiled in the report.

For us at FNF, the opportunity to represent our liberal values at COP28 is not only a source of great pleasure but also an immense honor. Effectively addressing climate change and its impacts requires a democratic approach that embraces liberal core ideas, including civil engagement, resilience, and innovation. With the Foundation’s rich history of supporting sustainable strategies and development, we eagerly anticipate the opportunity to represent these principles at what is undoubtedly the most crucial global climate summit of the year.

03 Dec
3.12.2023 9:30 hrs

'Climate change and migration' - live from COP28 UAE

Understanding factors, developing opportunities in the Sahel Zone, West Africa and the Maghreb

05 Dec
5.12.2023 12:00 hrs

'Sustainable Energy Imports' - live from COP28 UAE

Report Presentation