Animate Europe
Travelling Exhibition

On Display

Animate Europe is mobile! It is not only a competition, but we also feature our finalists’ works in a travelling exhibition. All our Animate Europe comics are available for any kind of events on Europe. We showcase the original drawings as well as high-quality reproductions such as prints, posters, and roll-ups, all of which are continuously on tour worldwide.

You are warmly welcome to borrow them for your event! We gladly support you start discussions on the future of the European Union. After all, as true Europeans we would like as many people as possible to enjoy and engage with our comics! We sincerely care about Europe and consider it our mission to convince people of the European idea, especially young people. With their diverse styles, our comics speak to an audience of all ages and can be a basis for discussion – in the context of an open exhibition, for an event or in the classroom.

So far, we’ve had the opportunity to show our exhibitions to about 60.000 people in various European countries at very diverse occasions: the Leipzig book fair in Germany, the World Forum for Democracy in Strasbourg, or the Brussels Comic Strip Festival are only a few of all the events that Animate Europe regularly takes us to.

Get in contact with our Programme Coordinator Charlot Uhrig to plan or book an exhibition.