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Participate in our Run for European Elections

Run for European Elections

Join us in the "Run for European Parliament" Challenge!

The next European Elections take place from June 6th-9th 2024. The FNF European Dialogue office in Brussels focuses on these elections with a number of activities. The first one is our Run For European Elections, in cooperation with the FNF Länderbüro in München to draw attention to the European elections.

Until November 19th you can walk/run/cycle as much and as often as you like. Every kilometer of your movement will be converted into tree equivalents. These trees will be planted in an area in Berlin that is accessible by bike and public transport. In this way, you are actively counteracting the threat of climate change.

All you need is the Summitree app. With the app, we can collect lots of kilometers together, motivate each other and preserve the forest on our doorstep as a valuable place of retreat and leisure, despite climate change.

And how can you get started? 

1. You can find out how the Summitree app works and how to get started in this video (LINK:

2. Our challenge is called "Reshape Europe". Choose this challenge and then register with the Company Code: 2024

3. ... and like that you can start moving.

4. FAQs can be found under this link on the Summitree website & in the APP under "Settings".

5. You can also form a team with your friends. How to form teams: filter for "Team" in the app under "Scores". Here you can join an existing team or create a new one. To set a picture, simply click on the circle. FYI: you can only be assigned to one team at a time 

The great thing about the Summitree format and platform is the possibility of comparison: you can run individually or in a team.

Who can plant the most trees?

We cordially invite everyone to join in! The 5 individuals who planted the most trees by November 19th will be sent a surprise package. You must be residing in the EU to receive this package! 

The winners will be announced on our social media pages after November 19th, so please watch the space and reach out to if you are a winner.

We wish you an active November!

The FNF Europe Team