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2017 – Re-Animate Europe

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After two successful competitions in 2013 and 2015, we organised a third edition in 2017 – this time asking for ideas of how to reanimate Europe.

How to Reanimate Europe?

Why this topic? Since we started our first competition, Europe has seen difficult times  migration crisis, internal disputes, Brexit  and seems out of breath. How can it regain its energy? Does it need a magical healer or a super hero who will find the right medicine for Europe’s ailing heart?

End of May, our jury consisting of Mélanie Andrieu, Curator and Coordinator, Belgian Comic Strip Center, Valérie Constant, Director, Apropos Communication Agency, Tobias Dahmen, Professional Illustrator and Artist, Andreas C. Knigge, Comics expert, Maura McHugh, Juror for film, literature and comic book awards, Kalle Hakkola, Curator, Producer and Director, Helsinki Comic Festival, Gert Jan Pos, Producer, selected seven finalists who were then asked to finish an eight-page graphic short story. They had to choose between 75 entries from artists out of 24 countries.

The first prize was awarded to Magdalena Kaszuba for her story “The old lady gives no answer“, which promotes a European society built on citizens’ involvement. The award ceremony was hosted at the Belgian Comic Strip Center, our long-standing cooperation partner for the competition.


We have found memories of the award ceremony which we would like to share with you below:

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