(16.4.2024) The role of women in and after war - lessons learned from Ukraine

Ukraine Event

This event is held in cooperation with European Policy Center (EPC) and Women in International Security Deutschland E.V. (


Sina GUSSEK, Project Officer, Human Security Unit, NATO

Jonna NAUMANEN, Senior Advisor to the EU Ambassador for Gender & Diversity, EEAS

Olena ROZVADOVSKA (tbc), Founder of Voices of Children

Olga TOKARIUK, OSUN Academy Fellow, Chatham House

Maria MARTISIUTE, Policy Analyst, European Policy Centre (co-moderator)

Gemma PÖRZGEN, Editor-in-Chief “Ost-West. Europäische Perspektiven” (co-moderator)

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About the Event

Women play vital roles during and after wars, despite facing significant societal and gender-based barriers. Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine is a case in point. Tens of thousands of Ukrainian women joined the armed forces, including on the front lines. Women-led civic organisations in Ukraine play a crucial role in providing essential services, and yet women are not equally involved in planning and formal decision-making level, despite progress made towards gender-based equality.

Moreover, women and girls experience heightened risks of sexism, violence, scarcity of food and access to finance. According to the Updated Assessment of Needs in Ukraine, “some 14.6 million people are expected to need humanitarian assistance in 2024, 56% of whom are women and girls.”

The event will assess the role and needs of women, take stock of lessons learned in Ukraine, and propose solutions for greater empowerment of women and girls.

The event will take place online and in-person. In-person participation is very limited and will be offered on a first-come-first-served basis.

Participation is open to EPC members, WIIS members, FNF members, the media, and officials from international organisations.


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