Fake News and Media Disinformation
FNF Egypt kicks off a three-day workshop on “Fake News and Media Disinformation”

Opening session

In his opening statement, on the first day of the workshop entitled “Fake News and Media Disinformation”, Mr. Dirk Kunze, FNF MENA Regional Director, said that “The Foundation has a long history in cooperating with Cairo University and the Faculty of Mass Communication (FoM) and in working with and training journalists. The world and journalism have changed tremendously.”


Dr. Howayda statement

Dr. Howayda Mostafa, Dean of the FoM, stressed the important role of reporters in dealing with this issue and in enhancing public awareness about using and receiving information from social media.

Some 35 journalists and media professionals working in traditional and digital newspapers, radio, and television venues participated in the workshop, organized in cooperation between FNF and FoM.

TV interview with Mr. Kunze

The workshop focused on several topics including: methods of detecting, auditing and verifying counterfeit information; investigating authenticity of information; realizing the impact of fake news on the security of society; engaging with digital technology and artificial intelligence; countering this malicious trend using legal, social, and digital methods; and designing mechanisms and campaigns to confront fake news.