Liberal Communicators Network (LCN): Non-Profit Academy 2023

CALL FOR APPLICATION: LCN Non-Profit Academy, "Make a Good Message Better"

About the Academy

The LCN-Non-Profit Academy will empower liberal communicators to adapt cutting-edge communication strategies, innovation, and marketing trends for he specific context of the mission-driven sector. By innovating non-profit communications, liberals will be better equipped to win the hearts and minds, influence shifts in values and behaviour, and achieve societal change for a forward-looking Europe. LCN strives to develop a professional community of non-profit communicators from civil society organizations, foundations, think tanks, change-makers, working on liberal topics. Join the Academy to become a member of this European network of marketing professionals.

The Academy ‘Make a Good Message Better’ offers online 11 sessions (2 May-15 June). The 2 high-profile webinars, 5 specialized hands-on workshops with thought leaders, best-selling authors, world-class trainers will inspire, enable and bring everybody on the ‘same page’ with the latest trends. Topics span across non-profit brand management, strategy, communications, digital and content marketing, creativity, behavioural science and more.

Apply Here by 4 April, 23.59 CEST (Brussels Time) 

The Academy is organised by the European Liberal Forum (ELF) with the support of Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom for East and Southeast Europe (FNF). Our partners are European Liberal Youth (LYMEC) and Projekt: Polska. The Academy is part of an umbrella programme – the Liberal Communicators Network (LCN), between ELF Secretariat, LYMEC and FNF East and Southeast Europe.

The Academy in Short

Short online sessions spread out over 2 months, in the end of business day

  • 90 min webinars with thought leaders, such as Rory Sutherland, Vice Chairman, Ogilvy, UK; TED Global Speaker with millions of views; Best-Selling Author of “Alchemy”
  • 120 min online hands-on workshops with world-class trainers specialized in non-profit marketing and rich consulting experience from USA: Kivi Leroux Miller (USA), CEO of Nonprofit Marketing Guide, Award-winning Author “Content Marketing for Nonprofits” and Farra Trompeter (USA), Co-Director, Member-Owner, Big Duck
  • All successful alumni will become members of LCN professional community of liberal marketers and communicators in Europe.
  • This LCN Academy focuses on the liberal non-profit actors, not on political parties.
  • Lead Facilitator: Sven Gerst, PhD Student in Political Economy at King’s College London; Former Secretary General of IFLRY; a renowned international facilitator and moderator.

Don’t miss out the chance to discover highlights and insights from these world-class trainers from the 2021 edition of LCN. If you want to get inspired and empowered first-hand by thought leaders and TED speakers such as Rory Sutherland, do apply now to the professional mission-driven communications capacity building – LCN. Check out the keynote speeches of Rory from 2021 and 2022 editions.

Find some of Rory Sutherland's insights on behavioural science here. 

Application Criteria

  • Work fully or part-time on communications.
  • Work or volunteer in an ELF organization and FNF; partners of ELF and FNF; liberal civil society organizations and activists in Europe. The ideal combination per country: a representative of ELF member, FNF and local liberal organization.
  • Applicants cannot be candidates at elections (at any level of governance).
  • Completed Application Form.

Assessment Criteria

  • Commitment to active participation in all Academy sessions is of utmost importance.
  • Regardless of your current level of communications expertise, what will be prioritized is a dedication to learn on-the-job and grow professionally in the field of communications.
  • Previous work experience, professional/academic qualifications in communications are welcomed, but not required.
  • Teams with limited communications capacity and resources will be given special consideration.
  • Willingness to pay forward the gained knowledge in your organization.
  • Passionate to join and contribute to the development a pan-European community of non-profit communicators.
  • Preference for participants from East and Southeast Europe.
  • Alumni of previous LCN Editions (Non-profit, Youth, Masterclass) are allowed to apply again, as the programme is different. However, priority will be given to new applicants and not members of LCN.

Check out LCN Draft Programme