Impacts of the Russian War in Ukraine on CEE Review No. 19 Now Available Online Review No. 19 Review No. 19


We are pleased to present the nineteenth issue of Review, titled “Learning from the Past and Present: Impacts of the Russian War in Ukraine on CEE”. This time, our primary focus is on the response to the Russian aggression in the region, as well as various related phenomena and challenges.

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From the Content

Parvin Guliyev / Russian Large-Scale Invasion of Ukraine: Concerns about the Security and Stability of the CEE Region

Natalia Matiaszczyk / Navigating New Realities: Five Lessons for CEE States from the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Yevhen Anhel, Oleksandra Betliy, Oksana Kuziakiv / Russian Aggression on Ukraine: Resilient Government and Adaptive Business

Máté Hajba / Impact of the War in Ukraine on the Hungarian Government: How Viktor Orbán Capitalized on the Invasion

Rebeka Papp / The Hungarian Government’s Game of Russian Roulette: Between Brussels and Moscow

Olivér Papp / Towards Understanding the Hungarian Right-Wing Media Narrative about the Russian Aggression in Ukraine

Igor Šlosar / Croatia’s Approach to Russian War in Ukraine: How the EU Was Suddenly Forced to Deal with Its Decades-Long Dependence on Russian Energy and to Look For a Way Out

Filip Blaha / Russian Disinformation War in Europe, Its Determinants, and Consequences

Anar Rzayev / Rebuilding from the Ashes: Drawing Lessons from Past Wars to Address the Consequences of Russia's Aggression in Ukraine

Oksana Kuziakiv / Afterword: Lessons Learned or Strength in Solidarity

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Discussion to the Review at the Freedom Games

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