freedom games 2023

Our partner Fundacja Liberté! organizes the tenth annual edition of the prestigious forum called Freedom Games. The theme of this year's forum, taking place from 15th to 17th September in Łódź, Poland, is "Turning Point".

History is not determined. We create it, with our collective effort and individual choices. Which path will we take: passivity and failure or courage and victory?

Russia's aggression against Ukraine, soaring energy prices, high inflation, the looming economic and climate crisis, and the pace of technological change make it difficult to look into the future with optimism. Increasing polarization makes it ever more difficult to find a coherent response to these challenges. Left-wing and right-wing populists are trying to destroy the liberal institutions that keep democracies from infighting.

At the same time, voters are now starting to reject seemingly simple solutions based on xenophobia and exclusion of those who think differently. Similar processes are also taking place in Poland. A turning point is approaching for the future of the entire region, democracy, the rule of law, and the model of capitalism.

During the tenth, jubilee edition of the Freedom Games in Lodz, Poland, a new generation of experts, non-governmental organizations, business, politicians, and citizens will propose a set of changes in a bid to harness uncertainty and develop viable prospects for the future: both locally and globally.

Determination and the will to fight - supported by adequate planning and preparation - make it possible to get out of even a seemingly tragic situation. This is a lesson we learn from the heroic resistance of the Ukrainians. The time has come for us to tackle key geopolitical, economic, environmental, and social challenges together. For the sake of ourselves, here and now, but also for the next generations, who have the right to a safe future.

In the year 2021, a hybrid format was introduced, combining free-for-all and open online streamings with in-person meetings in the conference venue. Merging a traditional conference format with an open television format has enabled us to reach wider audiences and further reinforce the impact of the forum, at the same time enabling the participants to meet and network, which has always served as an inspiration to Freedom Games attendees. As a result, over 1,700 individuals joined us in person, whereas online streamings were watched by 1,084,477 viewers across all platforms within three weeks. This was achieved thanks to building a broad cross-posting coalition. In 2022, this success continued with 2,500 attendees and 2,291,741 online viewers.

Follow the whole programm online.

The turning point is here and now. Let us meet at the Freedom Games!

FNF Session at Freedom Games

At the Freedom Games, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation has a session about the new issue of the 4liberty.eu Review called "Lessons of the Past and Present: Impacts of the Russian War in Ukraine on CEE". You can watch it here:

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