Women Leaders
Women in Action: The Protagonists of Their Own Stories

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From Ideas to Action

In the "Women with Purpose" workshop, participants explored their personal goals, worked on their strengths and weaknesses with the aim of acquiring tools to work on their aspirations. The next step, "Women with Projects," took this momentum further by focusing on the conceptualization and planning of concrete projects. The women not only shared visions, but also immersed themselves in turning their purposes into tangible projects, presenting and working on each of them. 

The last meeting of the cycle, "Women in Action", was the kick-off to continue working on empowering and promoting personal development, training and equality. The event was built on the basis of the purposes outlined and the projects conceived, thus consolidating the participants' ongoing commitment to action.

At the opening of the event, the Project Director for Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay, Dr. Hans-Dieter Holtzmann, extended a welcome to all participants, marking the start of an enriching day. In his opening remarks, he highlighted the intrinsic value of collaboration and connection among the participants. She expressed her enthusiasm for the opportunity to share ideas, foster constructive exchange and the creation of meaningful bonds. In turn, in his speech, the Director emphasized that "for liberals, it is a crucial political objective that women have the same opportunities as men from an early age, not only in theory, but above all in practical life. This also distinguishes liberals from libertarians and other conservatives, who tend to adhere to traditional models in their understanding of the roles of women and men."

Las tres expositoras de la jornada "Mujeres en Acción"

Shared Experiences and Reflection

The speakers at this meeting, María Novakosky, Ivana Azcué and Agustina Ordoñez, shared their experiences and projects, detailing obstacles overcome and current challenges and opportunities in their professional and personal lives. These stories provided inspiring testimonies and valuable insights for the rest of the participants who then exchanged questions and ideas. 

Throughout the day, the protagonists reflected on the role of women in different areas of life, such as politics, science and academia. Their reflections highlighted expressions such as: "politics is the art of making the impossible possible", "to leave a mark on the lives of others is to contribute to a better world" and "we women have a duty to continue training ourselves".

The exchanges offered a clear vision of the impact that women can have in the various spheres of society, and highlighted the importance of jointly building a more equitable and free future.

Mujeres en diálogo

Together and in Network

The closing of this cycle opened the door to project the coming year with new ideas aimed at promoting liberal values. The cornerstone of the meetings was the constant search to build, in a collaborative and networked manner, societies based on equality, freedom and democracy.

Interaction, exchange of ideas, dialogue and active listening are fundamental elements in building a network. These connections are essential for the personal and professional development of each participant.

The ability to project together broadens horizons and allows for the exploration of territories that would otherwise remain unknown. By continuing to work together, the protagonists are prepared to lead the way toward a more hopeful and equitable future.