Private Sector and Freedom: The Key to Building Argentina's Future

With a complete agenda of activities we visited Mar del Plata, a thriving and growing city on the coast of Argentina, where the private sector and freedom were the focus of the activities.

Congreso “Visión Global” 2023

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Despite the current political, social and economic crisis in Argentina, the private sector continues to bet on growth and survives the multiplicity of trade regulations imposed by the government. The business ecosystem, from small, medium and large companies, has a common demand: freedom. 

The tax burden in Argentina is very high at three levels: National, Provincial and Municipal. There is a huge lack of knowledge on the subject, which is made more complex by the constant emergence of new taxes and restrictions. The daily routine and the almost naturalized crisis even allow the application of regulations that considerably affect the competitiveness and efficiency of businesses.


Matías Olivero, Federico Domínguez, Hanna Schiuma y Gustavo Lazzari.

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Within this framework, with the clear need to support the private sector to think of ways to empower it, and thus achieve greater growth, the Fundación Global (Global Foundation) organized the "Visión Global" (Global Vision) congress in the city of Mar del Plata. In its 12th edition, the Foundation's objective was to revalue private activity as an engine for progress and the promotion of entrepreneurship. 

In this edition, the event included 4 lectures: 

- "How to stop being the most burdensome country in the world" by Matías Olivero, head of the NGO Lógica. 

- "Entrepreneurship and diversity. Women in the knowledge economy" by Hanna Schiuma, CEO of lend2B. 

- "The rebellion of the pandemials" by Federico Domínguez.

- “Argentina 2024: challenges for SMEs" by Gustavo Lazzari.


El Director, Hans-Dieter Holtzmann, junto a los disertantes del encuentro.

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The Director of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom in Argentina, Dr. Hans-Dieter Holtzmann, who recently arrived in the country, participated in the meeting and expressed his great interest in the exchanges that took place at the event. At the congress and during his visit, he had the opportunity to talk with local and national entrepreneurs and businessmen about the country's challenges and opportunities, including measures needed for a more liberal and effective economic policy.

The work carried out by Fundación Global, with the purpose of contributing to make visible the challenges faced by the private sector, is fundamental for the future of Argentina. The private sector demands less tax burden, fewer restrictions and more freedom in order to become more competitive, contribute to the country's development and put Argentina on the path to growth.