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Proyecto Argentina
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We started our activities in Argentina back in 1983. We promote freedom ideas in politics and social society. The essence of liberalism is based upon individual freedom, which can only be guaranteed along with these values:

Democracy: Based on republicanism, and separation of powers between legislative, judicial, and executive branches . 

Rule of Law: This guarantees peoples equality before the law and minority rights in an independent judicial system.

Market economy: Based on private property and social responsibility. The state should concentrate on providing fair rules for competition without privileges.

In order to defend and promote these conditions, we collaborate with political parties and liberal institutions in the subsequent areas:

  • Political training through seminaries and courses related to our subjects: State reform, Human Rights, Market Economies, and Free Competition.
  • Political advisory with national and international experts on political strategies, electoral campaigns, party organization, youth political participation, etc.
  • Municipal management optimization through advisory with the main goal of developing local management and promoting economic growth. In this scenario, we promote principles like “New public management” and “Public-private participation” as instruments that allow public administration reforms.

Our target groups in Argentina include young leaders of liberal political parties and organizations; liberal referents in national regional and local governments; opinion leaders and communicators and interested citizens on liberal politics.