Liberalism Emerges in a Polarized Country

In the second week of April, Dr. Hans-Dieter Holtzmann and Angelo Bardini, participated in São Paulo in the training course for future candidates organized by the Instituto Libertas in preparation of the upcoming municipal elections in October 2024.
Dr. Hans-Dieter Holtzmann diserta en la Assambleia Legislativa do Estado de São Paulo.

Foto: FNF Argentina - Dr. Hans-Dieter Holtzmann diserta en la Assambleia Legislativa do Estado de São Paulo.


Pre-candidates for the elections from all over Brazil participated during two days of an intense work agenda. The meeting was held at the Legislative Assembly of the State of São Paulo, where prominent political figures such as Romeu Zema, Governor of the State of Minas Gerais, and Eduardo Ribeiro, President of the Partido Novo, among other leaders of the country were present and participated in the meeting.

During the training, the pre-candidates had the opportunity to work on the elaboration of their government plans, public policies on security, health and employment, campaign tools and strategies, communication strategies, legislative issues and electoral rules. They also had the opportunity to share experiences, replicate success stories and learn from failures in the past. The meeting was a valuable opportunity to join efforts and exchange experiences in preparation for the municipal elections.

Assambleia Legislativa do Estado de São Paulo.

Foto: FNF Argentina - Dr. Hans-Dieter Holtzmann junto a Tiago Mitraud, Presidente del Instituto Libertas, en la Assambleia Legislativa do Estado de São Paulo.

In collaboration with the Instituto Libertas, Dr. Hans-Dieter Holtzmann gave a lecture where he analyzed the opportunities of liberalism in a polarized world. This initiative reflects the Foundation's interest in resuming its work in the country and promoting liberal values such as democracy, market economy and human rights. It was an excellent opportunity to set up meetings with different actors in the country in order to identify potential cooperation partners for a strategy to promote liberal values in Brazil.

"The objective of our foundation, and my personal one, is to develop concrete activities and projects in Brazil. As committed citizens, we must unite to promote the principles of liberalism and build a freer, fairer and more sustainable world for future generations. It is time to act with determination and commitment, working together to overcome divisions and build a better future for all. If not now, when will it be?" said Dr. Hans-Dieter Holtzmann, the Foundation's Project Director for Mercosur countries.

For his part, Eduardo Ribeiro, President of Partido Novo, highlighted the importance of this training as part of the strategy to boost the party. "We are growing very fast, and that's great, but the challenge is to grow while preserving our principles and values. That's why we invest so much in our future candidates, with education and training so that they can defend our causes and ideas throughout Brazil," Ribeiro said.

The Instituto Libertas carries out important work in training members and future leaders of the Partido Novo. The party, which defends and promotes liberal values, has grown significantly in recent times. At the beginning of March, it achieved a record number of members since its foundation, and in April alone, the Partido Novo added 10,000 new members. In view of the upcoming municipal elections, the Instituto Libertas is positioning itself to promote liberal values throughout Brazil.

In the midst of the country's political polarization, the emergence of liberalism on the political scene offers opportunities for a freer, fairer and more equitable future. Through the formation of leaders committed to these values, a solid base is being built to tackle the political, economic and social challenges the country faces. The foundation aims to contribute to the promotion of liberal values in the country, in order to move towards a freer, fairer and more prosperous Brazil for future generations.