Annual Strategic Planning Workshop with Partner Organizations

Workshop anual de planificación estratégica con las contrapartes

FNF Argentina Office Strategy

Dr. Hans-Dieter Holtzmann, director of the office, delivered the opening remarks, emphasizing the importance of strategic cooperation not only between the FNF and each organization but also amongst the organizations in the network to achieve impact with the projects to be realized during the year. Throughout the day, different activities were carried out to provide participants with tools for project presentation and administrative management, emphasizing the importance of sustainability and the importance of effective communication to present liberal ideas. 

The project coordinator, Nadia Barrozo, shared the foundation's strategy and work agenda for 2024. Topics presented included liberal democracy and open societies, digital transformation and information sovereignty, innovative energy and climate policy, international cooperation, human rights and international responsibility, education and fair opportunities, and social market economy and global prosperity.

During the day, the various organizations had the opportunity to share their projects, generated networking spaces and worked in teams, addressing each specific topic in a collaborative manner. Subsequently, they shared the ideas and conclusions that emerged from these joint work sessions. 

At the end of the session, the participants had the opportunity to present the projects to be carried out during the year. Each presentation not only provided a clearer vision of the initiatives proposed, but also allowed for an enriching exchange of ideas and perspectives among the participants, thus strengthening collaboration and commitment to the joint success of these projects.

La importancia de la sustentabilidad y la sostenibilidad

The Importance of Sustainability

Within the framework of the office's strategy for 2024, a workstream was defined together with the participants on the importance of sustainability in their projects and organizations. Starting from the question: what impact are we leaving in the world with our work?, the strategic management consulting firm Kolibri held a workshop on the design and implementation of high-impact environmental methodologies for organizations.

The workshop allowed participants to reflect on the importance of sustainability in their daily work. The proposal invited partners to incorporate and implement different tools in their projects and organization. In this way, from FNF Argentina, we are committed to promote a more conscious and responsible approach to development.

Lucía Díaz Coll

Effective Communication for Liberal Ideas

The last activity of the day was presented by the communications team of the FNF Argentina. Angelo Bardini and Lucía Díaz Coll shared their work on the professionalization of the sector and the objectives for 2024. They also presented the keys to achieve effective communication for liberal ideas, and moderated the discussion on the challenges currently faced by social networks and the media.

This event provided a fruitful space to exchange communication strategies between the organizations and foster collaboration in this area. Working together in the development of stronger communication methods adapted to the needs of each organization is essential to ensure the best way to convey the key messages from each project.

The FNF Argentina team would like to thank each of the partners for their commitment and dedication during this meeting. 2024 is ahead with great projects, and we are very excited to continue working together to achieve our common goals for a better future of our countries.