38 years fighting for freedom from Buenos Aires

Project Argentina & Paraguay
© Photo: FNF Argentina & Paraguay

Our project, located in the city of Buenos Aires, is not only in charge of the activities in Argentina but in Paraguay as well, together with several partners throughout decades and backed by numerous successful projects, The foundation develops nationwide projects in almost every province in Argentina. We impulse two types of networks “la red por la Libertad” (network for freedom) and the more youthful ALAS (libertarians from all the region). We also have several new and original projects such as “Vision Liberal”.

Over the last few years, our activities took place in provinces such as Neuquén, Santa Fe, Corrientes, Tucuman, Chaco, Cordoba, and Misiones among others in addition to Buenos Aires. We have been expanding our work in Paraguay too, even beyond the beautiful Asunción. Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our in-person activities during 2020 were reduced only to a few weeks early in the year. However, thanks to our partners, we were able to get through this unusual period with online seminars, publications, coaching, and event with the aid of new technologies.

Together with Fundación Libertad y Progreso, we held several conferences which have been seen by hundreds of thousands of people last year. We were able to continue with our Female Forward and Fake news campaign through events and videos with current and historical content and we adapted formats into virtuality such as our Austrian school congress which we made in conjunction with Fundacion Bases.

However, despite having met our expectations and having developed quality projects, in 2021 we hope to go back to the things that we have been doing for so many years, adding experience, technologies, and tools. We hope to see each other in-person very soon for a new stage, while we wait for our four-decade celebration working in Argentina, always defending freedom.