“What Unites Us”: TEDx Barrios Altos 2023 Talks Deliver a Message of Brotherhood Among Peruvians

Prominent speakers addressed topics such as leadership, history, art, gastronomy, education, and more.
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TEDx Barrios Altos 2023 arrived under the concept of “What Unites Us.” The independent TED talk format allowed attendees to strengthen the brotherhood among Peruvians. Through 10 inspiring talks, innovative and disruptive ideas were explored, inviting reflection and inspiring us to create a more united Peru.

In recent years, attention and public focus have been more on what can separate and confront people. Therefore, TEDxBarriosAltos 2023 offered a perspective on what can bring and unite Peruvians.

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This fifth edition has been part of a learning process that allowed us to connect among Peruvians. On this occasion, we addressed topics that unite us and identify us, as an opportunity to come closer and recognize ourselves as part of a community.

Filiberto Cueva

TEDx Barrios Altos took place on October 14 at Corriente Alterna, the school of art, design, and creativity. The event organization received support from institutions such as Quinto Espacio and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom. The latter expressed its commitment to supporting initiatives like TEDxBarriosAltos that promote the dissemination of inspiring ideas and encourage inclusive dialogue based on the experiences of individuals who are agents of change.

Javier Guzmán, an organizing member of TEDxBarriosAltos, noted, “Through this TED Talk edition, we have discovered how the diversity of our country can become our greatest strength, by recognizing and valuing the different perspectives and cultures that coexist in our territory through inspiring stories that have managed to overcome differences and work together to achieve common goals.”

In this regard, Cueva emphasized, “From 'What Unites Us,' we learned how effective communication can open doors and forge meaningful connections to help us face the challenges we share as a nation. In TEDxBarriosAltos 2023, we have challenged the stereotypes and prejudices that have divided us for too long.”

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Why Barrios Altos?

“Barrios Altos captivates and inspires us, why? Because in this magical place, the essence of history merges with the vibrant future that awaits us. For centuries, Barrios Altos has witnessed epic stories resonating in every corner, and now it is in perfect harmony with the technology, entertainment, and design proposal that TEDx represents globally,” emphasized the organizing team.

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The Speakers

During the event, specialists from various fields of knowledge and human development participated. In the field of history and community, Christian Saurré presented a talk titled "Imagining What Already Exists." In the field of gastronomy, Elena Santos Izquierdo, contributed with the presentation titled "Our Legacy of Love," and in the field of electronic poetry, José Aburto presented "How to Break a Verse to Find a Universe."

Similarly, in the category of citizenship and artivism, Micaela Aljovín presented "Painting Outside the Line." In the field of leadership, Marisol Pérez Tello delivered the talk "The Duty to Dream; Love, Inspiration, and Perseverance." Pedro Bravo in the genealogy category, presented "Knowing Our Roots."

In the topic of education, Mary Ann Lynch participated with the presentation "A Time for Everything; Memory of a Path." Finally, in the field of community art, Pablo Espinel showcased "No Limits; Art with Social Impact."

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The Unveiled Veiled Woman

In parallel to the event, an innovation fair took place featuring socially focused ventures such as EmpanacombiYanni ShoesTappoyo, among others. Additionally, the exhibition "The Unveiled Veiled Woman" was inaugurated, showcasing works inspired by the illustrations of Pancho Fierro about the veiled women, essential characters in the city's history and some of the first female representations in Peruvian philately.

The Unveiled Veiled Woman seeks to interpret the Lima veiled woman in a revealing manner, presenting her differently or challengingly while maintaining certain traditional elements but adding a touch of modernity and audacity.

“The exhibition will be open to the public for free until Saturday, October 28, at Corriente Alterna, located at Av. Paseo de la República 2557 in La Victoria. Interested individuals can attend from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.,” Bedoya said.

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The Promise

The TEDxBarriosAltos organizing team took the opportunity to mention that they are already conceptualizing the theme for the next year, where powerful life stories of Peruvians will radiate approaches and recommendations on how to bring about a change in the environment.