SIDEI 2023: Over 120 teachers from Peru and Ecuador were trained in entrepreneurship and innovation topics.

The fourth edition of the International Seminar took place in person at UDEP Piura and featured foreign speakers.
SIDEI 2023

Entrepreneurship and innovation as the main focal points of the event.

Piura, October 9, 2022. Entrepreneurship and innovation are two of the most important topics today. Both concepts are crucial for the development of our society and the shaping of future leaders. This should be reflected in higher education. That is why the 4th edition of the Seminario Internacional de Docencia en Emprendimiento e Innovación (International Seminar on Teaching Entrepreneurship and Innovation) (SIDEI) 2023 presented a great opportunity for teachers from northern Peru and Ecuador.

The event, held at the University of Piura (UDEP - Piura Campus) in collaboration with the Friedrich Naumann Foundation and HUB UDEP, had the participation of more than 120 higher education teachers from different areas of Piura and Chiclayo. Additionally, a delegation from the neighboring country, Ecuador, also took part in the seminar.


Conferences, Workshops, and International Panelists

At SIDEI 2023, which was conducted in person for the first time, participants had the opportunity to meet and listen to national and international speakers who are experts in entrepreneurship and innovation.

“Today, we see that university education, especially in the fields of innovation and entrepreneurship, needs more than ever the support of new technologies. Therefore, this event reinforces our commitment to strengthen teaching at the highest level,” said Fernando Barranzuela, Dean of the Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences at UDEP.

The day began with a presentation by Dana Michealovic, Deal Flow Manager at Mindcet Capital, an EdTech Innovation Center based in Israel. Her talk was titled " Tendencias tecnológicas en la Educación Superior” (Technological Trends in Higher Education).

Peruvian Briguit Reinaldo, CEO of Ayni Educativo and founder of Women Biz, was also present and spoke on the topic "Digitalizando la educación a través del emprendimiento". (Digitalizing education through entrepreneurship)

Furthermore, in the panel titled “Innovation in Education in the Digital Era,” Diana Rojas, Head of the Department of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the University of La Sabana; Paul Sarango, Professor of Entrepreneurship and Business Development at the Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja, Ecuador; and Carlos Rodrich, Director of the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the Hub UDEP, participated.

Finally, two workshops were conducted. The first, on Data Science, was led by Loreto Bravo, Director of the Institute of Data Science at the Universidad del Desarrollo in Chile. The second, focusing on ChatGPT and its applications in the classroom, was directed by Luis Sakihama, Executive Director of Notifai.

We are very pleased to have participated in this seminar. Education and entrepreneurship are fundamental pillars for promoting the principles of freedom in society. It facilitates equal opportunities, promotes innovation, and makes society stronger.

Yenifer Gómez
Yennifer Gómez-Velásquez - FNF Andean Countries