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FNF Andean Region - Partners

Bolivia 🇧🇴

  • Fundacion Nueva Democracia

Fundación Nueva Democracia is a non-profit institution dedicated to the promotion of democratic values, public policy research and the formation of citizen and political leadership.

  • Libera Bolivia

Libera Bolivia is a think tank with the mission to engage young people to generate a free, fair and solidary society in Bolivia.

  • Notoria Instituto

Notoria is a Bolivian non-profit think tank, founded in 2009 with the purpose of promoting economic education, innovation and individual rights based on the ethical and legal principles of life in freedom.

Chile 🇨🇱

  • Fundación para el Progreso

The Foundation for Progress is a non-profit, liberal studies center that promotes young leaders, students as well as academics through discussion forums, artistic exhibitions, and film series and conferences. The focus is on the culture of a free society.

  • Libertad y Desarrollo

The Libertad y Desarrollo Research Institute is a private, independent research institute that conducts research in the field of public policy. The main topics are individual freedom, free market economy, property rights, as well as progress and equal opportunities through economic development. The target audience is political representatives and interested citizens.


EVOPOLI is a Chilean center-right political party, founded in 2012. The party defines itself as a liberal platform for (remover the) people who look for a modern center-right approach showcasing diversity, encouraging local communities and the pursuit of social justice.

  • Horizontal

It is a non-profit center of liberal thought and independent debate that brings together academics, politicians and social organizations to generate public policies, analysis and proposals that contribute to transform Chile into a society of opportunities.

Ecuador 🇪🇨

  • Instituto Ecuatoriano de Economía Política (IEEP).

IEEP is a private, independent, non-profit think tank dedicated to the promotion of classical liberal ideas: individual liberty, free markets, limited government, private property and the rule of law; through analysis, research and dissemination of policies and solutions for an Ecuador of free and responsible people.

  • Libre Razon (LR).

Libre Razón is a think tank founded in 2016 that believes in the ideas of freedom and in the ability of each and every of people to make their own decisions without the intervention of third parties or coercive mechanisms.

Colombia 🇨🇴

  • Instituto de Ciencia Político Hernán Echavarría Olózaga (ICP).

The Hernán Echavarría Olózaga Institute of Political Science functions as an entrepreneurial think tank and works on the topics of pluralistic democracy, market economy, perfecting institutions, and socioeconomic growth through discussion forums, various publications, and conferences.

  • Movimiento Libertario

Movimiento Libertario is a think tank founded in 2016 that believes in the ideas of freedom and in the ability of each and every of people to make their own decisions without the intervention of third parties or coercive mechanisms. It is a network with deep national and international alliances that position it as a leader in the region.


LIBERTANK is a modern action tank that promotes economic freedom to influence decision-making and public opinion while contributing to a better Colombia.

Peru 🇵🇪

  • Estudiantes para la Libertad (Students for Liberty).

Students for Liberty are the largest pro-freedom student organization in the world in terms of leaders, countries represented and events. This organisation conducts seminars for students at universities in Lima and other cities specifically on human rights, education, and the rule of law.

  • Asociacion de Contribuyentes (ACP)

ACP is a private non-profit association with the mission to make visible the importance of the taxpayer, citizen or businessman, and their economic and social contribution in the construction of a more united, fair and competitive Peru

  • Centro Internacional de Gobernabilidad, Desarrollo y Seguridad (CiGODESE)

CiGODESE aims to promote the development of Latin America through analysis and research.

  • Instituto Peruano por la Libertad (IPL)

Instituto Peruano por la Libertad (IPL) is a non-profit organization that promotes the philosophy of freedom, democratic principles and respect for the rule of law in Latin America. Its efforts are focused on the political, economic and citizenship training of young people, as well as the defense of individual liberties, human rights, free markets, private property, and citizen power as a limit to governments.

  • Municipalidad de LIMA

The Metropolitan Municipality of Lima is a modern institution, a leader in national development and a model in Latin America that provides quality services efficiently and effectively to its citizens. It manages an autonomous, competitive city inserted in the network of megacities of the world.

Events on the topics of civic education, digitalization, modernization of the state and SMART Cities are being held with the Lima Municipality. The target groups are officials and employees of the Municipality and the political leadership of the City of Lima.


Sumatec is a Peruvian NGO that connects, educates and develops projects in technology, entrepreneurship and innovation in Peru.

  • Federalismo y Libertad Peru (FFyL)

Fundación Federalismo y Libertad (FyL) is a private non-profit organization, independent of all political, religious, business and governmental groups, whose objective is to promote the values of a free and democratic society. It does this through training programs, research and dissemination of public policy issues.

  • Instituto del Futuro (IDF)

This Peruvian think tank deals with the topics of innovation, smart cities, digitalization and social market economy. The target group aims for executives from business, administration, politics and science.

  • Instituto Invertir

The Instituto Invertir is an entrepreneurial think tank that carries out sustainable projects to promote exchange between entrepreneurs and society. The institute's services are aimed in particular at executives and young professionals from the judiciary, business and politics.

  • Instituto Político para la Libertad (IPL)

The Political Institute for Freedom is a non-profit organization that promotes liberal principles such as individual liberty, human rights, democracy, the rule of law, free market economy, private property and citizenship through educational activities, public events, conferences and seminars. The IPL's target groups are especially young people and young leaders.

Venezuela 🇻🇪


Vente is a political party of citizens willing to fight to regain freedom, leave socialism behind and build a Liberal Democratic Republic of Venezuela.The foundation works with its party-political partner and best-known opposition politician María Corina Machado in the areas of rule of law, human rights and freedom of the press. The cooperation also extends to events in the other project countries, as well as in Germany and Europe.


CEDICE is an independent, private, non profit organization, founded in 1984 by people compromised in defending individual freedom, private initiative, respect for property rights, limited government and the pursuit of peace.

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Libera Bolivia:

Horizontal Chile:

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Instituto del Futuro Perú:

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