Young Leaders
LíderLab 2023 in Rionegro, Antioquia – Colombia

A Transformative Event for Colombian Youth
LiderLab Medellín 2023
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Over four intense days, the visionary youth, selected between 18 and 30 years old, immersed themselves in a learning and growth environment, addressing key aspects such as leadership, economics, and the importance of entrepreneurial roles. The experience included accommodation, meals, and a series of formative, playful, and disruptive activities designed to inspire and empower participants on their path to effective and conscious leadership from and for freedom.

This LíderLab, in line with its predecessors, challenged stereotypes and strengthened the antifragility and leadership capacity of Colombian youth. In a country that often faces significant challenges, these young people represent a new generation of leaders: innovative, courageous, and dedicated to creating a more prosperous, just, and free future for Colombia.

Liderlab Medellín 2023 I
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The Program

The event in Rionegro stood out for its focus on economic freedom, free markets, and entrepreneurship as fundamental pillars for development and success. Voluntary cooperation and innovation were presented as essential tools to overcome current and future challenges.

The main goal of LíderLab is to empower and develop the potential of young leaders, providing them with the tools, skills, and knowledge necessary to become agents of positive change in their communities and the world. Through leadership, entrepreneurship, and freedom, LíderLab aims to inspire participants to reach their full potential, fostering a proactive, creative, and collaborative mindset.

At LíderLab, young people had the unique opportunity to connect with successful entrepreneurs and leaders. The event featured the participation of prominent Colombian entrepreneurs such as Carlos Raúl Yepes, former president of Bancolombia; Luz María Correa, former president of Construcciones el Cóndor; Yaneth Londoño, president of Hermeco; Luis Miguel González, president of Lumen; Ricardo Sierra, president of Celsia, and María José Bernal, Executive Director of Fenalco Antioquia.

In addition, internationally renowned guests participated, such as Agustín Antonetti, who shared perspectives on leadership and freedom, and Antonini de Jiménez, whose contribution was fundamental in highlighting the importance of freedom as a path to becoming the best version of oneself for society and the world.

Beyond the emotional impact, LíderLab facilitates valuable contacts and conversations between young people and entrepreneurs, providing guidance for their ventures and tools to continue advocating for freedom ideas at university events and in their social media interventions.

LiderLab Medellín 2023 - II
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LíderLab's mission goes beyond economics and freedom ideas; it is an experience that seeks each participant to find their purpose and be their best version. For four days, young people from all regions of Colombia had a space for inspiration to be their best version and build, from their profession, a more prosperous and better country for everyone.


Participant testimonials highlight the impactful experience: “This experience helped me overcome deep sadness and taught me that I have a life purpose.” Another participant expressed, “I feel privileged, happy, strong, determined, amazing, all thanks to you.”

At the end of the event, participants took with them not only valuable knowledge and experiences but also the motivation to be agents of change in their communities and the country. Libertank, with its ongoing commitment to Colombian youth, remains a beacon of hope and progress, demonstrating that the spirit of progress of Colombians endures over time.

With the success of LíderLab in Rionegro, Libertank prepares to continue its mission in future events, strengthening the network of young leaders throughout Colombia.

The success of LíderLab is evident not only in the event itself but also in the growing number of applications for future editions, as participants, returning to their realities, seek for their friends and acquaintances to live the same transformative experience.

In summary, Libertank's LíderLab in Rionegro consolidates itself as a comprehensive event that drives personal development, the training of committed leaders, and the promotion of a freer and more prosperous society. With Libertank's ongoing commitment, the positive impact of this event will resonate over time, contributing to forging a Colombia led by a generation of visionary young people ready to build a bright future full of possibilities.

Liderlab Medellín 2023

El LíderLab busca inspirar a los participantes a alcanzar su máximo potencial, fomentando una mentalidad proactiva, creativa y colaborativa

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