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Liberal Leaders School: Successful Conclusion of Youth Public Policy Training Program

Clausura Escuela de Líderes Liberales 2023
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Lima, June 2023 - The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for the Andean Countries (FNF) successfully concluded the first edition of the Liberal Leaders School program, an initiative strived at fostering political participation and leadership among young individuals.

Forty notable participants from Peru and Bolivia, aged between 18 and 35, were granted scholarships for this training program. Among them, five young people were recognized for their exceptional advocacy on behalf of minorities during the closing event.

Throughout the training process, participants acquired fundamental knowledge and skills. The program offered a wide range of activities, from storytelling workshops with Iván Herrera Orsi, column-writing sessions led by Macarena Costa Checa, and media training with Leah Sacín Gavancho, to lectures on Social Market Economy by Marco Ortíz, Liberalism and Public Policies with Antonella Marty, Human Rights, and Business presented by Jenny Vento, Democracy and Political Parties by Javier Albán, and Empowerment of Minorities with Yesenia Alvarez. The participation of these speakers was propitious in fostering constructive dialogue and promoting the capacity to be tolerant, critical, and able to confront conflicts while engaging in pluralistic societal discourse.

It is essential to highlight that the participants underwent various tests and challenges, including creating an article and a video column, to assess their skills and knowledge acquired throughout the process. Further, they had the opportunity to meet with the Embassy of Germany to discuss the challenges faced by German foreign policy and explore potential avenues of cooperation between the two countries.

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"Our training not only aims to promote political participation but also to enhance constructive dialogue and strengthen democratic values in Peruvian society".

Joel Rosales 3
Joel Rosales

First Place

The winning group made a presentation based on the issues faced by transgender individuals in Peru, proposing an economic empowerment plan to improve their access to formal employment. The team members were Sebastian Pachas, a Communication Studies student; Brissa Meléndez, a Law student; Fabiana Chávez, a Law graduate; Rebecca Winkelstein, an Anthropology student; and Sharon Chiquiruna, an Economic Engineering and Business student.

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The jury for the closing ceremony consisted of Niome Hueneke-Brown, Project Director of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for the Andean Countries; Mónica Muñoz-Nájar, economist from the network of development studies; Karla Gaviño, a specialized consultant in Public Management and Investments, and Jorge Aguilar Fuchs, Communication Coordinator of the FNF.

"The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for the Andean Countries has proven its commitment to the comprehensive training of young people, offering them the necessary tools to become conscious leaders aligned with liberal principles. This training aims to promote political participation and foster constructive dialogue and strengthen democratic values in Peruvian society," stated Joel Rosales, representative of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom - Andean Countries Office.

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