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LeaderLab in Barranquilla: A Transformative Experience for Young Leaders

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LeaderLab in Barranquilla: A Transformative Experience for Young Leaders

Libertank and FNF Andean Countries are pleased to announce the realization of their event aimed at young leaders, taking place in the beautiful city of Barranquilla, Colombia, from July 20th to 23rd. This gathering offers Colombian young leaders an unparalleled opportunity to develop their leadership skills, explore the world of economics and freedom, and establish valuable exchanges with successful entrepreneurs and inspiring leaders.

Over four intense days, the participants will immerse themselves in a series of dynamic activities and interactive sessions led by an experienced team of facilitators, including Paola Herrera, Camilo Guzmán, Salomé López, Juan Pablo Sánchez, and Jair Viana. These inspiring leaders will share their knowledge and experiences, providing young people with valuable insight into what it takes to achieve success and make a significant difference in society.

At LeaderLab, we take pride in offering a unique approach to the development of young leaders, where creativity and inspiration are fostered instead of boring presentations. Our goal is to empower young leaders from diverse backgrounds to build their own life projects and take responsibility for their personal and professional success.

Camilo Guzmán
Camilo Guzmán, Executive Director

LeaderLab's agenda includes a wide variety of topics, from fundamental concepts about freedom and economics to challenging myths and exploring the ideal society. Participants will also have the opportunity to interact in special sessions with the facilitators and their peers, fostering the building of meaningful relationships that will extend beyond the event.

"We firmly believe that Colombian youth are the key to a prosperous and transformative future," said Salomé López, one of the main facilitators of the event. "LeaderLab seeks to change the perspective of young people, motivating them to reach their dreams and become agents of change in their communities."

LeaderLab is a non-profit initiative and is dedicated to granting full scholarships to all selected students, allowing every young leader to participate without any financial barriers

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About LeaderLab

LeaderLab is a transformative experience designed for young Colombian leaders who wish to strengthen their leadership skills, explore concepts of economics and freedom, and connect with successful entrepreneurs and leaders. Through an interactive and creative approach, LeaderLab empowers young people to forge their own path to success and become agents of positive change in their communities. For more information about LeaderLab and how to apply, visit their website at