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Germany: an unforgettable political experience

Testimony of María Fernanda Ulloa, Johan Perez and Jose Olivares, members of Juventud Evopoli, regarding their visit to Berlin.
© Juventud Evópoli

Parity, civic education, digital development are some of the topics addressed.

Undoubtedly, leaving the political and institutional turmoil of Chile to land in one of the most recognized world powers, with an incredible history and above all an example of strength, respect and consistency among its people, was a radical change for the experience of three Chileans in search of knowledge and development.

From the very beginning of the trip, when Alina Pfeifer, our beloved guide and mentor during our stay in Berlin, picked us up at the airport to take us to our hotel, we realized that it would be an experience that would help us better understand the world.

The learning week was quite intense. We started out very early in the morning and headed to the Berlin headquarters of the FNF, where we had multiple meetings with experts in their respective fields of work, focusing on topics such as parity, civic education, digital development, among others.

Likewise, as part of our efforts to establish international relationships with liberal youth organizations, we got to know the JuLis. The JuLis, or Junge Liberale, are the equivalent of the Juventud Evópoli in Germany. From them, we learned several campaign strategies, the organic functioning of the youth organization, as well as the principles of horizontality and both financial and decision-making autonomy within the Free Democratic Party (Freie Demokraten Party), to which they belong.

Another incredible experience was visiting the Bundesministerium des Innern und für Heimat (Federal Ministry of the Interior and Community) and the Bundesministerium für Digitales und Verkehr (Federal Ministry of Digital and Transport), where the level of development is astounding and allowed us to understand the implementation of public policies. It was truly rewarding to witness the openness with which they explained the different advancements and application techniques. Undoubtedly, we should seek opportunities to apply similar approaches in our country.

An important point was the invitation extended to us by the Freie Demokraten Party to its annual congress, it was an energizing and inspiring experience for what Evópoli can become if we continue on the right path. That congress full of people, institutions, politicians and businesses once again demonstrated the relevance of public-private partnerships and how they greatly enhance the pursuit of a better quality of life for individuals. Furthermore, opportunities for dialogue and conversation were at every turn. Listening to Christian Lindner, leader of the party, speak about the growth, progress and establishment of liberal ideas was truly enriching.

Lastly, understanding that liberal ideas cannot defend themselves and that they need individuals like the members of Evópoli in Chile, the Free Democratic Party in Germany, and undoubtedly, like the members of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation with international presence. It is crucial to have people with genuine love for freedom to advocate for our ideas and position them as the main driving force behind the development of nations.

Thank you very much to all those who believed in us and made this experience possible, especially to the Friedrich Naumann Foundation and its countless collaborators, to Evolución Política, to the Freie Demokraten Party, to the JuLis and with much affection to Alina Pfeifer.

About the authors

Fernanda Ulloa - National President of JuventudEvopoli

Johan Perez - Vice President of JuventudEvópoli

Jose Olivares - Colbún Councilman