Event “Computer Science Education - Shaping Creative Generations”

Sumatec and FNF Andean Countries promote Computer Science education in Medellin, Colombia
Sumatec - Medellín 2023
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Sumatec and FNF Andean Countries together with a significant commitment to promoting computer science education in the region.

Medellín, Colombia - On Thursday, May 18, the INEM Auditorium, next to the Vivero del Software, became the epicenter of educational progress in Computer Science at the event “Computer Science Education - Shaping Creative Generations”, organized by Sumatec - Code en mi Cole from Peru, with the support of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom - Andean Countries and the Mayor's Office of Medellin. The event was attended by distinguished teachers, principals, education authorities and various stakeholders committed to education in the 21st century.

The day began with a warm welcome at 10:00 am, followed by the presentation of our strategic allies, who emphasized their commitment to promoting Computer Science Education. Afterwards, Kenny Lazo, CEO of Sumetec - Code En Mi Cole, shared his experience and knowledge of the achievements of this organization in various cities in Peru, as well as its inspiring story and mission. The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom - Andean Countries received the honor of being the driving force and sponsor of the event, which underscored its commitment to promoting Computer Science Education in the region. Throughout the day, enriching lectures and presentations were held, covering topics of great relevance for the education of 21st-century students.

Ponentes Sumatec - Medellín 2023
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The event promotes the training of more students and teachers who are technological creators in the Andean region.

The presentations included topics such as “Video game programming for computational thinking development” by Ruth Huillca, Education Coordinator at Sumatec, “Digital skills for 21st century students” presented by Juan David Ramirez from Perficient Latin America and “The role of the Private Sector in creating Innovative Educational Spaces” by Pedro Armijo, People Management Manager at Transaltisa. Furthermore, there was excellent participation from prominent experts in the field, such as Gianny Rozo from the Mayor's Office of Medellin, Mercedes Jaramillo from Intersoftware and Antonio Kanashiro from Innova Schools, all of whom provided inspiring reflections and ideas to enhance Computer Science education in Colombia, as well as to implement such learning in the region.

One of the highlights was the panel discussion on “Challenges and Advances in Computer Science Education in Colombia”, where experts from the education sector and government representatives shared their experiences and visions regarding the future of technology education in the country. In addition, success stories such as “Coding for kids” were presented by the leader of the successful project, Camilo Vieira, who shared his experiences of implementation, findings and figures in which they were able to train more than 20,000 teachers and also addressed issues related to computational thinking and the experience “Being + STEM in Medellin”, which was enthusiastically shared by Gianny Rozo, Coordinator of the Technical and Technological Unit at the Secretariat of Education of Medellin, this approach prioritizes the understanding of “BEING” and seeks to integrate individuals in all their human and artistic facets. Additionally, it focuses on the development of scientific skills in students through projects based on real-world problems. The program encompasses the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, and promotes a strong focus on integral learning.

During the moments of interaction, attendees had the opportunity to ask questions and delve deeper into the topics discussed. A delightful final Coffee Break was also held to foster networking and the exchange of ideas among participants. At the end of the event, farewells were said and the final conclusions were presented. In addition, photographs were taken to immortalize this gathering that promotes the training of more students and teachers who are technological creators.

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