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"Building the Future, Leading the Change" - an event conducted by Libertank in Cali, Colombia

Libertank in Cali is a beacon of hope and a catalyst for transformation among Colombian youth.
Liberlab 2023
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The LíderLab of Libertank in Cali has proven to be a beacon of hope and a catalyst for the transformation of Colombian youth in a challenging context.

From May 25-28, 31 courageous and visionary young people gathered in an inspiring space to explore the pillars of leadership, entrepreneurship, and freedom.

Following the motto "Building the future, leading change," LíderLab brought together young people from various cities and backgrounds, all linked by a common goal: to forge a path toward a more prosperous and equitable country. Over four intense days, the participants immersed themselves in a personal and professional transformation, discovering their ability to lead and positively impact society.

In a country where some people have been harsh on young people, calling them "the glass generation," LíderLab defies stereotypes and reveals a different reality. We are witnessing the rise of a new generation of Colombians eager to learn from their elders, correct past mistakes, and assume courageous and committed leadership.

LiberLab Barranquilla 2
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These young individuals represent a growth mindset, focused on win-win relationships, and detached from zero-sum political games. Their interest lies not in past battles but in constructing a prosperous future, generating opportunities, and building a better country. Despite the challenges, there are reasons to be hopeful about Colombia's future.

During LíderLab, fundamental concepts such as economic freedom, free markets, and true entrepreneurship were discussed. The participants grasped the importance of these foundations for creating opportunities and the path to success. Voluntary cooperation and innovation were presented as essential tools for overcoming humanity's most significant challenges.

LíderLab inspired the youth to build the country of their dreams, filled with opportunities, wealth generation, and hope. In this way, it reaffirmed that the dream of prosperity and success is not exclusive to more developed countries but can become a reality in Colombia. It takes a revolution of fighters, people willing to take control of their lives and work tirelessly to achieve their best version.

Libertank carries a burden of hope in their hearts. Governments come and go, and politicians change, but the spirit of progress among Colombians endures over time. We will not allow political games to rob us of the ability to dream and build a better future.

As we close the LíderLab in Cali, we are preparing for the next event to be held in Barranquilla in July.

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