Sustainable City
New Perspectives of Data Ecosystem for Sustainable City: Bursa Roundtable

Sustainable Cities-Bursa Roundtable
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Turkish Economic and Social Studies Foundation (TESEV), with the project "New Approaches to Data Ecosystem for Sustainable Cities" in the 8th year of the "Supporting Sustainable Cities" program supported by Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, is searching how cities can be more resilient to disasters based on data by bringing together data-related stakeholders of cities. After Izmir and Mersin meetings, the last roundtable meeting within the scope of the project was organized in Bursa. Stakeholders from local government, public sector, civil society and private sector related to disaster management and data discussed how the existing data and technology potential of the city can be used to achieve a more disaster-ready city and how new collaborations can be established. This meeting, which is organized in one of the leading cities in Turkey in terms of the steps taken towards smart city projects, open data platforms and urban dashboards, with the importance given to data-driven urban solutions, brought a new dimension to the discussions that enrich the project.