EU Migration Policy Making

A Decalogue of good intentions or real actions?
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The strengthening of legal pathways and cooperation with third countries are key elements for migration management in the European Union (EU), according to liberal policymakers and researchers.

The run-up to the 2024 European elections suggests that the EU will put migration issues at the center of the debate with a special focus on the Mediterranean region, where the mainland entry points to Europe are concentrated.

 The Madrid Policy Brief on “EU Migration Policy Making: A Decalogue of good intentions or real actions?” sheds light on the EU Migration Agenda and the challenges that must be addressed in order to achieve an efficient migration policy that takes into account the reality of both shores of the Mediterranean.

The Madrid Policy Brief portrays the analysis of four members of the FNF Madrid Migration Policy Group: Jan-Christoph Oetjen, Member of the European Parliament of the liberal group Renew Europe; Milosz Hodun, International Officer of the Polish liberal party Nowoczesna; Amal El Ouassif, International Relations Specialist at the Policy Center for the New South (Morocco) and Xavier Aragall, Program Manager of the Euromed and Migration Survey at the European Institute of the Mediterranean (IEMed).

About the FNF Madrid Migration Policy Group

Being aware of the multiple challenges posed by migration management in the Mediterranean region, the Mediterranean Dialogue project of the FNFoffice in Madrid launched the Migration Policy Group in 2020. This initiative aims to bring together liberal policymakers and experts in order to harmonize proposals and political action addressing migration issues.

FNF Madrid has developed a wide array of activities in order to strengthen the Migration Policy Group as well as to stimulate the exchange of ongoing and upcoming initiatives between the EU and its Mediterranean neighbors.

To read the Madrid Policy Brief on “EU Migration Policy Making: A Decalogue of good intentions or real actions?” (in English), please download here: