Nepal: Himalayan country in crisis?

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Nepal is on the northern borders of India. It has witnessed several people’s struggles for democracy. The democratic Constitution of Nepal laid on the foundation of the mass struggle of the political parties and people appears to be suffering from the inter-party and intra-party conflicts.

Despite frequent changes in government, Nepal is trying to initiate socio-economic reforms and pursue an active foreign policy. At the regional level Nepal has proposed within SAARC parameters a sub-regional cooperation with Bhutan, Bangladesh and the north-eastern states of India to develop the region through mutual cooperation. With the advent of democracy in Nepal, there is more openness in its negotiations with other countries.

Nepal faces possibly the greatest COVID-19 crisis in the world. With a reproduction rate of

1.18 and a 40% prevalence rate, COVID-19 is rapidly permeating the population. The spread has escalated beyond the capacity of health system and people have been left to their own devices. “Official stats” on COVID-19 cases have reached half a million mark with daily new counts of around 10,000. Medical facilities are already operating at full capacity and many have been forced to deny admission of new patients in the absence of basic facilities like beds, oxygen cylinders, and ventilators. Three strains of the virus have been confirmed in the country as of now, and the people are at the mercy of fate.

The days ahead are challenging as Nepalese people have two battles to fight – for democracy and for life.

The panelists will deliberate on the aftermath of COVID situation, the challenges faced by the public administration and political system in Nepal. The panelists will also discuss on the political conflicts, Nepal seems to be sandwiched between the two Asian giants.

We are pleased to support Nepalese citizens fight the pandemic. Please find the donation link below!


1730 – 1900 hrs (CEST)

2115 – 2245 hrs (NEPAL Standard Time) 2100 – 2230 hrs (IST)


1730 hrs (CEST)                       Live

2100 hrs (IST)

2115 hrs (NPT)

1730 hrs (CEST)                       Welcome remarks, Introduction of cultural event followed by Event

2100 hrs (IST)                           Ms Cornelia Els, FNF Hesse & Rhineland Pfalz

2115 hrs (NPT)

1735 hrs (CEST)                       Introduction of next Speaker

2105 hrs (IST)                           Ms Cornelia Els

2120 hrs (NPT)

1736 hrs (CEST)                       Address by

2106 hrs (IST)                           Mr Ram Pratap Thapa

2121 hrs (NPT)                         Honorary Consul General Nepal,President, Deutsch-Nepalische Ges. e.V.

1740 hrs (CEST)                       Introduction of Key note speaker

2110 hrs (IST)                           Ms Cornelia Els

2125 hrs (NPT)

1740 hrs (CEST)                       Key note address

2110 hrs (IST)                           Mrs. Bettina-Stark/Watzinger

2125 hrs (NPT)                         Member of German Bundestag,Board Member Friedrich Naumann Foundation

1750 hrs (CEST)                       Introduction of moderator

2120 hrs (IST)                           Ms Cornelia Els

2135 hrs (NPT)

1755 hrs (CEST)                        Over to Moderator

2125 hrs (IST)                            Introduction: panellists'

2140 hrs (NPT)

1800 - 1845 hrs (CEST)              Panel discussion

2130 - 22.15 hrs (IST)

2145 - 22.30 hrs (NPT)

1845 hrs (CEST)                       Question & Answer session

2215 hrs (IST)

2230 hrs (NPT)

1915 hrs (CEST)                       Concluding Remarks

2245 hrs (IST)                           Dr. Carsten Klein

2300 hrs (NPT)                         Regional Head, FNF South Asia


Key Note Speaker:

Bettina Stark-Watzinger, MdB is a German politician (FDP) and a Member of the German Bundestag. From 2015 to 2019 she was the general secretary of the FDP Hessen and as new state chair of the FDP Hessen She has been a member of the FDP federal executive committee since 2017. At the end of January 2020, she was elected parliamentary director of the FDP parliamentary group. Mrs. Stark-Watzinger has been a member of the board of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom since September 2018.


Suhasini Haidar is an Indian print and television Journalist. She is the Diplomatic Affairs Editor of The Hindu. She regularly writes on conflict and foreign policy issues with a focus on the Indian subcontinent.

Dr Dhawal Shamesher Rana presently is Mayor of Nepalgunj Sub-metropolitan City. Rana is Vice-president and General Secretary of RPP (Rashriya Prajatantra Party).

He holds a PhD in Political Science. His doctoral research revolved around local administrative bodies. He believes more in action than in speech. Profoundly interested in development activities, Rana also equally takes interest in political and social activities. He is considered as a capable politician.

He joined an active politics at the age of 27. Rana has promised to make Nepalgunj Sub- metropolitan city free from corruption. He considers good governance as his first priority. He has also promised to not take salaries and allowances from the government.

Gagan Thapa (born 19 July 1976) is a Nepali politician and youth leader who served as the Minister of Health and Population of Nepal from 2016 to 2017. He is currently serving as a Member of Parliament in the House of Representatives, Nepal from Kathmandu since 2008, and is currently in its Parliamentary Committee on Education and Health. He is a Central Committee Member of the Nepal Congress Party.

Thapa is a popular young leader and is widely renowned for his oratory and eloquence. He is a Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum. He has contributed to - and is also the subject of - many articles in publications including The New York Times, The Lancet, World Economic Forum, Harvard Politics, China Dialogue, Kathmandu Post, The Himalayan Times, and Nepali Times.


Dr. Bishal Dhakal is a Social Entrepreneur, Physician and Healthcare Innovation Enthusiast. Working on community away from hospital for last 12 years building enterprises. Firmly believes, technology can bridge access divide and can help in quality healthcare delivery across the world.

Pioneer in bringing integrated healthcare platform “Health At Home” first of its kind in South Asia. Provides consulting and support for more than 20 enterprises/institutions with focus on building business resilience in current pandemic from “Medpro International”. Mentors and supports local and global startups as a mentor and advisor. Involved in many charity initiatives and services. Founder of “Nepal Ventilator Bank” as a healthcare capacity building and reinforcement project during pandemic and beyond. Dr. Dhakal is also columnist on health care, contemporary politics and social issues.